A Christmas without gifts is not a real Christmas. And Portuguese presents are the most authentic that you can offer!

Kris Mouser-Brown Portuguese Presents
Photo: Kris Mouser-Brown 

There are few more delightful pleasures at Christmas than to see the glow in the eyes of someone who receives a gift that loves. To make your life easier, we selected a list of 11 suggestions of gifts ‘made in Portugal’ that promise to make the Christmas evening even more joyful.

Portuguese Wines

The quality of Portuguese wines has been increasingly recognized worldwide with our producers winning medals in all competitions they participate. Offer a bottle of white, red or green wine can be a good option for this Christmas. In any shopping center, wine shop or supermarket of the country you can find high quality wines at affordable prices. Anyway, we leave you here suggestions of two special wines: White Wine – Herdade do Esporão Verdelho (Alentejo, 2014) and Red Wine – Quinta do Monte Travesso (Douro, 2012).

Heather Katsoulis Portuguese presents
Photo: Heather Katsoulis

Craft Beer

The ideal gift for those who prefer the malt to the grape juice. The craft beer “Maldita“, mede in Aveiro by a family business, won the award for best European beer in the category of “Best Barleywine” from World Best Beers Awards 2014.

Furthermore in this category, we also present you the “Vadia” beer and the “Sovina” beer, which are also produced in Portugal and made 100% from malt by artisanal method.

Craft beer Collage portuguese presents
Photo: Craft Beer Maldita, Vadia and Sovina

Liqueur Wines: Licor Beirão ou Moscatel

The Licor Beirão, labeled as the liqueur of Portugal, made from the aromatic herbs and seeds of Quinta do Meiral, in Serra da Lousã, has a distinctive taste recognizable by all consumers. Also, the Moscatel Wines – both from Favaios (Douro) and from Setúbal -, which are among the world’s best, are an excellent choice for those who like liqueur wines.

Liquor Collage portuguese presents
Photo: Favaios, Moscatel de Setúbal and Licor Beirão

Ginja de Óbidos: Liquor and chocolates

In addition to the traditional cherry liquor produced in Óbidos, that can be drunken in delicious chocolate cups, the brand has innovate and presented us some news.  The Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum is pioneer in another way of gathering chocolate with the cherry liquor. This time, they made chocolates filled with the nectar. Extravagant and pleasant!

Ginja Collage portuguese presents
Photo: Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum

A Vida Portuguesa

In this store established in different locations in Lisbon, objects are able to tell stories about the Portuguese people and their peculiar tastes. The Vida Portuguesa has several traditional brands of products that accompanied the childhood of any Portuguese. The store offers the possibility to assemble their own baskets with products of your choice. The store offers the possibility to make your own baskets with products of your taste. Visit the official website of this store to download the catalogs.

A vida portuguesa christmas presents
Photo: Products from “A vida Portuguesa”

Bordallo Pinheiro Crockery

The originality and freshness from the pieces of Bordallo Pinheiro continue to give the Portuguese houses (and increasingly from the houses abroad) a single splash of color and national flavor. The dishes in the form of plants and animals have not lost functionality and originality combined with the tradition.

bordallo pinheiro portuguese presents
Photo: Products from “Bordallo Pinheiro”

Tradition meets innovation: Vista Alegre e Atlantis

The Portuguese brand Vista Alegre e Atlantis, both from the same group, are essential in the Portuguese homes. Any family has a product from this brand in their homes. The products made with crockery and glass are endless. The brand keeps the traditional products, but has followed the design and modernism characterized by simplicity, but of course everything with the twist of the brand.

vista alegre e atlantis portuguese presents
Photo: Products from “Vista Alegre e Atlantis”


The Castelbel Store is a Portuguese brand dedicated to manufacture and distribute the best quality home and body scented products that combine outstanding design with exquisite fragrances and the finest formulations. Let yourself be carried away by the magnificent aromas that characterize this store!

castelbel portuguese presents
Photo: Products from “Castelbel”

Batalha: The Portuguese jewelry

Founded in 1635 the Casa Batalha is the oldest Portuguese brand. The famous jewelry boutique combines tradition and innovation, devoting himself forever to the sale of beads, embroidery, jewelry, especially necklaces – an art that continues to be assumed with mastery and excellence by members of the Battle family.

portuguese presents CasaBatalha
Photo: Casa Batalha

Delta: The coffee

The expresso is part of our daily lives. Portuguese people loves a good hot coffee early in the morning and following the day. Have you ever tried? You’ll be delighted! You can buy Delta coffee machines or just the coffee in a bag to make at your home or to offer a friend!

delta cafe portuguese presents
Photo: Delta Coffee

Arcádia Chocolates

Famous for its delicious chocolate pralines and “línguas de gato”(cat tongues), Arcadia is located in the heart of Porto, and has always been dedicated to the manufacture of traditional quality products. You can offer a retro packaging with chocolat “línguas de gato” or candies made with chocolate and Port Wine. Thinking of those who cannot abuse of sugar, Arcadia also has a variety of chocolates and sweets without sugar.

arcadia portuguese presents
Photo: Casa Batalha

Joana Vasconcelos for Swatch

It’s the first time that a Portuguese artist collaborates with the recognized brand of watches and the result could not be more authentic. Joana Vasconcelos draws the “Lookseasy”, that has a black rubber strap and a display that stands out for being done in filigree. The watch is limited edition and, according to the artist, is “a paean to timeless elegance and a tribute to the craftsmanship.”

joana vasconcelos swatch portuguese presents
Photo: Joana Vasconcelos “Lookseasy” whatch for Swatch

Possibilities are endless! Enjoy and surprise your loved oves 😉