Summer time does not require any introduction! The good weather and hot temperatures are the first to motivate, then it is a season when everything is happening with loads of events and popular festivities, the beaches call and the food and drink also appeal for other types of selection!

Like in every seaside country, the summer  is to be indulged by the sea, and Portugal is no exception!

With a cost of about 1200 km, there are loads of options you could go for.

We have narrowed them down and our 2015 Summer Guide to Portugual suggestion  is for you to experience three completely different coastal areas of portugal: the northern coast , the east southern one and the southern one.

The northern coast:

The northern coast of the country is usually colder than the southern part, the water temperature is also more “refreshing” and the wind breezes are quite strong too. But hold one, their beauty is outstanding and comparing them with the southern ones, they do not stand behind! They definitely deserve your attention, and if you are a surfer or want to become one, the waves at theses beaches are perfect for surfing practice.

If you arrive to Oporto and would like to get a taste of this coast, our suggestion is for you to indulge Miramar Beach. This beautiful beach is located in Gaia, the rival city that shares the Douro river margins with Oporto. The highlight of this beach, is having a small church in the middle! Yes it is right, a small church called Capela do Senhor da Pedra and during high tides it seems that the church is on the sea!

Miramar Beach, Gaia, North Portugal

Photo: Fugas

Well if you rather be based at Oporto and explore this historical city, them look no further for accommodation, 1872 River House , is a small charming boutique hotel with 8 well-appointed rooms facing the Douro River.

River House Room Porto View, Porto, Portugal

1872 River House Douro River , Porto, Portugal

River House Room Douro View, Porto, Portugal

The southern east coast

If on your way south, you would like to make a pit spot in Lisbon, which is pretty understandable and advisable, although the locals are all away, we suggest the centrally located and vintage & modern fashion Brown Boutique hotel and Apartments! It is the best accommodation to do an intensive sightseeing day in Lisbon as you can reach most of the tourist attractions within walking distance.

The southern eastern coast is way warmer than the northern and there are kilometres and kilometres of deserted beaches to take profit of. Our favourite beach in this area called Costa Vicentina, is the Odeceixe beach, about 3 km to from the picturesque village with the same name. The highlight of this beach is the fact that it combines both sea and river together within a schist  cliff turning this small beach into a natural wonder.

Odeceixe Beach, Algarve, Portugal source Rota Vicentina

Photo: Rota Vicentina

A must stay accommodation is Casas do Moinho in the village of Odeceixe. The location is easy to figure out as it is just next to the old wind mill of the village, and this cosy and welcoming B&B makes the delights of the guests due to its well-appointed details and the authenticity of its architecture.


Casas do Moinho-Odeceixe-Portugal-Charming-Hotel-Cover

Casas-do-Moinho-Odeceixe-Portugal-Bed-and-BreakfastThe Photo: Southern Coast

Well the Algarve is long known for its outstanding beaches. There are some areas which are more popular and as consequence less authentic and genuine but hold on, the Algarve is a large destination and not all parts of it are tourist alike destinations. The eastern part of Algarve is our favourite one! The Ria Formosa, one of the most important wet lands of the country, is natural  wonder and should not be missed upon your tip to Algarve. Our favourite beach is Cacela Velha, a very quiet and long beach were you can walk for miles and miles without meeting anyone . From here you can reach on low tide, Manta Rota Beach. If you get astonish with such beauty and when you notice the tide has already come up,  no worries, you can always ask a fisherman to bring you back and it is likely that he will charge something around €2.00 for the boat ride.

Cacela Velha Beach Algarve Portugal

For a relaxed sea view accommodation, in a nature alike environment, the perfect accommodation is Praia Verde Design Hotel. A recently refurbished hotel with top comfort with an oven orientated kitchen style, this is the perfect hotel for a romantic stay or a family gathering.

Boutique Hotel Praia Verde, Altura, Algarve


Praia VerdeBoutique Hotel, Altura, Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has loads to offer either on the cost or inland, and pay attention, there are so much festivities going on that you should not miss some of the more important ones. Check here for the list of the more important ones and indulge a perfect vacation in Portugal!