Blog- Birdwatching Alentejo- Where the storks follow you along the way


The Alentejo is the biggest region of Portugal and its size walks side by side with the beauty and charms of its landscape.

The inland is a mix of emotions, colours and shapes. Golden plains to the south, green valleys to the north, castles, temples, flora and fauna of great distinction.  On the other hand, the coast is presented among slopes and rocky cliffs, secluded, deserted beaches and a unique spirit of freedom, commented on by many. Probably is this spirit of freedom felt in this destination that attract thousands of white storks to this region where you can find the biggest colony of storks of the country.

Blog- Birdwatching Alentejo- Where the storks follow you along the way 2

Some of them are resident but the biggest part migrate to Africa after the  Spring season. When the Spring comes again it is typical that they return to the same nest over the years.

But the most curious fact about these friendly birds is that they nest on the top of the cliffs, with sometimes strong waves underneath but they seem not to care for…this is very unusual from this bird species as said by the experts. So it is probably unique  the world. They nest not only on top of cliffs but also on electrical poles and chimneys so it is very common to see this beautiful big birds within the region.

Not only the white storks are common in Alentejo. It is one of the best region in Portugal for birdwatching! Are you a birdwatching fan?

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Enjoy Alentejo, its landscape and its nature richness!