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Every nation’s gastronomy reflects its history. Our culinary customs are influenced by a range of communities that make up to our origins. Our ancestors transmitted us a certain way of cooking. And it is a unique and historical form.
Its base is supported in a Mediterranean tradition, seating an essential trilogy of bread, wine and oil. Through time, each region gained its traditions and gastronomic characteristics, depending on their references. Lisbon is no exception … The Capital has a very stark tradition in what the art of cooking concerns.

For starters, caldo verde. Afterwards, delight yourself with the seafood bread soup, the fried codfish and codfish pastels, the Portuguese stew, or the famous grilled sardines, so requested during Santos Populares in Lisbon (the city feasts). Now contrast the salty flavour with sweet and do not miss Pastéis de Belém. These are our crown jewels, with a recipe of over 200 years of history, which few know. That’s where lies the secret of its success.

There will be room for everything in your stomach, but do not confine yourself to tasting. Prepare these meals yourself! We invite you to a culinary tour and to a cooking class in Lisbon, so you can witness the traditional Portuguese costumes!
Get some rest in the magnificent Brown’s Boutique Hotel, where you’ll be received with all the Portuguese hospitality art, high glamour and modern comfort. Already smells good!


  • The strong gastronomy character of the north of Portugal
  • The wine culture of the Douro region
  • The flexibility to choose the length of the trip with all details arranged
from 1025


  • We are Portuguese and know the hidden corners of our land better than anyone
  • We take every care when selecting your accommodation
  • Online reservation with immediate confirmation


So here is how it works:
1) Choose the length of your trip: 3 or 5 nights
3 night program: Every night is guaranteed by Brown’s Boutique Hotel;
5 night program: Every night is guaranteed by Brown’s Boutique Hotel.
2) Send us an email and we will prepare all details

The company providing the car rental service is Europcar.

The car is a Seat Ibiza with A/C or similar.

The car is rented for 72h or 120h (pick up and drop off at Porto airport or dropoff at other Europcar point).

This tour is self-guided so it is up to you to decide your date of departure, we will be here!
The total price of the program for 3 nights is from €X for two people on a double room basis. Special seasons, single and solo traveller supplements applies.
The total price of the program for 5 nights is from €X for two people on a double room basis. Special seasons, single and solo traveller supplements applies.
What is included?
3 or 5 nights’ accommodation with breakfast for two in a double room
1 gastronomic tour by Eat Food Tours Portugal (in association with Culinary Back Streets)
1 cooking class guaranteed by Cooking Lisbon
Do you have any doubts? Please contact us as we would love to assist in any matter:


  • Luz Charming Houses

Luz Charming Houses

With eyes on the future and addressing the past, in a body and soul experience!
  • Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel

Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel

"Located at the heart of historical Estremoz, this romantic boutique hotel is an amazing welcome from Alentejo with a timeless and classical refinement."
  • Aldeia da Pedralva- Village Tourism

Aldeia da Pedralva- Village Tourism

It was love for the heritage a big will of creating a sustainable tourism project that motivated the reconstruction of the Pedralva Village: a renovated village, a sustainable project.
  • The Vintage House Douro

The Vintage House Douro

Just a few meter from the Douro River, in Pinhão village, we find the charming Vintage House Hotel.
  • Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartments

Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartments

Just a short distance away from Lisbon’s main centre squares, right in the downtown area, Browns Boutique Hotels is a charming property full of character.
  • Quinta da Dourada

Quinta da Dourada

In shades of white and deep-red, in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, you will find the charming Quinta da Dourada.
  • Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

In the heart of the historical centre of the charming village of Lousã, stands an 18th century building the Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel.
  • Herdade da Corte

Herdade da Corte

Em Santa Catarina de Tavira, e a breves 10 minutos da praia, a Herdade da Corte é o refúgio perfeito para conhecer o Algarve mais autêntico e genuíno.
  • Casas do Moinho

Casas do Moinho

Village tourism in the heart of Odeceixe, which offers the best of the Algarve with a taste of the Alentejo.
  • Vila Monte Farm House

Vila Monte Farm House

Among lush gardens of centuries-old olive and carob trees, its four distinct atmospheres spread the charms of Vila Monte.
  • Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

This Manor house is not a mere rental accommodation or a family run guest house, it is not mere rural tourism, it is not a hotel.It’s an invitation to sharpen your senses and take yourself on a trip...
  • Morgadio da Calçada

Morgadio da Calçada

On the Douro Vineyard region, and in the village of Provesende, we find Morgadio da Calçada, a XVII century manor house.
  • Casas da Lapa

Casas da Lapa

In the middle of the Serra da Estrela’ Natural Park, the biggest mountain range in Continental Portugal, and just 10 minutes away from Seia, we can find the charming “Casas da Lapa”.
  • Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

In a quiet 10 minute walk, between a creek and stone pine trees, we reach the beautiful Praia Verde beach and this unique boutique hotel, located in Algarve.
  • Herdade do Touril

Herdade do Touril

The lovely Herdade do Touril, in the Alentejo Coast invites you to enjoy your stay among nature, with the Atlantic ocean as its background.
  • Moinho do Maneio

Moinho do Maneio

In the heart of Serra da Malcata and in the beautiful town of Penamacor, you will find the genuine and authentic Moinho do Maneio.
  • Casa do Zé Sapateiro

Casa do Zé Sapateiro

It is in Ferraria de São João, a small village south of the Lousã mountain range, that Casa do Zé Sapateiro can be found.
  • Casa dos Castelejos

Casa dos Castelejos

Casa dos Castelejos is located in the picturesque village of Monte Guerreiro, in a unique environment between countryside and town.
  • Madre de Água Hotel Rural

Madre de Água Hotel Rural

A charming destination in the heart of Serra da Estrela and a gateway to explore the most authentic experiences in the region.
  • Quinta do Chocalhinho

Quinta do Chocalhinho

Among valleys and hills criss-crossed by trails of century-old olive trees, cork trees and fruit trees we find the charming Quinta do Chocalhinho.
  • Herdade Água D’Alte

Herdade Água D’Alte

In the heart of Serra D’Ossa, amidst plains and valleys, vineyards and olive trees, stands the distinguished Herdade Água D’Alte.
  • Monte da Fornalha

Monte da Fornalha

A charming Alentejo estate full of warm, colourful tones and distinctive decorative details, with plenty of stories and emotions to share.
  • Monte Saraz

Monte Saraz

A peaceful retreat with views over the delightful town of Monsaraz. The nineteenth-century “monte” has in the old times operated as an olive oil press.
  • Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas is the result of the will of two people who joined forces in an innovative project that combines agriculture and tourism based on sustainable principles.
  • Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão is a little retreat in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, where nature and tranquillity meet in perfect harmony.
  • 1872 River House

1872 River House

In one one of the best Oporto locations, we find this charming guest house, inviting us to discover the best views over Douro river.
  • Casa do Governador

Casa do Governador

In plain inner Alentejo, and just 3 kilometres away from Évora we can find a small and charming small hotel called “Casa do Governador”.


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