The centre of Portugal is synonym for small and typical villages fulfilled with authenticity and uniqueness…


 Each village preserves its own traditions and habits of its people, that on a quiet and peaceful daily life, bring you the feeling that time deliberately stopped in these places so that you could be able to get to know the true nature of this region.

The stage for this delightful program is the Lousã Mountain, which for its relevant biodiversity, is a part of the Natura Network (european network for relevant animal biodiversity locations). It’s a mountain full of enchanting paths and tracks, that connect all the villages between themselves, and filled with all the different kinds of nature activities and endless proposals to the addrenaline lovers.

In this tour you’ll discover Portugal’s most authentic places, filled with charm and charisma, that in perfect harmony with the surrounding region, provide you with the warmest of welcomes. Being Portuguese ourselves, and knowing the ground very well, we chose all the steps in this program so that you can bring the best possible souvenir back with you: the experience of the destination.


  • The lovely slate villages, that contrasts with the green from the Lousã Mountain
  • The protected biodiversity of Lousã Mountain
  • The authenticity and uniqueness of the villages in the mountain, where time seems to have stopped
from 555


  • We are Portuguese and know the hidden corners of our land better than anyone
  • We work with the best experts in the activities provided
  • We take every care when selecting your accommodation
  • Online reservation with immediate confirmation


  • Day 1: The “rendez-vous” is at the Lisbon airport where you’ll be given all the information regarding your program and equipment. The destination is the lovely “Casa do Zé Sapateiro”. Its lovely slate construction, keeping the initial design of the village of “Ferraria de São Simão”, where it stands, will make you feel like a true local. Enjoy every corner of the house and, who knows, a traditional dinner with regional courses, thus receiving a true “welcome to Portugal“ experience.
  • Day 2: After a traditional breakfast, filled with typical products, the path goes through the surroundings of the São Simão village that will take you to Lage’s creek. This creek, with its clear water and charming fluvial beach is a true oasis on warmer days. Following the path between green slopes you’ll reach “Fragas de S. Simão”, an impressive area covered with canyons that are the stage for the most incredible radical activities that end on the most wonderful of waterfalls.
  • Day 3: The tour begins at “Casa do Zé Sapateiro” before heading to the next location: The Lousã Palace. On this tour you’ll visit the lovely village of Talasnal, a recovered slate village that charms for the details on the recovered houses, garnished with vineyard branches, and the richness of its gastronomy. Following, “Casal Novo”, a small village that despite being difficult to see, since it’s hidden between the luxurious green of the Mountain, breeds authenticity and whose main street takes you up to the Nª Srª da Piedade sanctuary. The Lousã Palace, a XVIII century building, is waiting for you.
  • Day 4: After a breakfast filled with details, this day is on you. We can provide you with numerous suggestions and proposals like wandering about and trying to get lost in the Lousã Mountain, taking walks, going on bicycle rides or even more radical activities such as climbing, canoeing or BTT. Suggestions are not short numbered so just tell us what you prefer and we’ll provide you with suggestions.
  • Day 5: After the breakfast, it will be hard to say goodbye but we hope to see you again soon. We’re certain that you’ll feel the same way too. 


The tour will occur mainly on irregular ground and is of moderate difficulty. 


This tour is self guided so it is up to you to decide your date of departure, we will be here!

The price of the program is from €555 per person on a double room basis. Special seasons, single and solo traveller supplements applies.

What is included:
4 nights’ accommodation  with breakfast
Welcome reception at the airport with information about the programme providing a mobile phone, GPS track and informational material
Pic-nic to go on the activity days
1 Dinner at Casa do Zé Sapateiro
Transfer of luggage between accommodations
Travel insurance

What is not included or is extra:
Gps Rental
Transfers one way or round trip
Extra Activities


You did not found what you are looking for in our offer? Contact us because we would ♥ to reduce, increase, modify, change, finally, we can ride the tour depending on your interests and availability. info@welovesmllhotels.com.


  • Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

In the heart of the historical centre of the charming village of Lousã, stands an 18th century building the Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel.
  • Casa do Zé Sapateiro

Casa do Zé Sapateiro

It is in Ferraria de São João, a small village south of the Lousã mountain range, that Casa do Zé Sapateiro can be found.


  • Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Sintra is hillside fairy-tale village and a Unesco site just 25km away from Lisbon of an outstanding charm and beauty.