Medieval villages, mountains, culture and tradition, these are the charms of Alentejo Interior.


 Take advantage of the route to discover the secrets of a land of plains with immense horizons, dotted with silvery olive trees, whitewashed houses, megaliths and castles and, above all, space and tranquillity. So take your time. On the way, enjoy nature and all the vestiges of its Roman and Moorish past, spread through its towns and cities.

São Mamede, the mountain which is the star of this experience, is the highest point in the south of Portugal, at around 1025 m. The breathtaking mountain range extends over 320 km2, and is the home to vultures and birds of prey such as the Bonelli’s eagle. The reserve is also home to one of Europe’s largest colonies of long-eared bats.

Marvão is one of the wonders of Portugal. It is one of the best-preserved fortified villages in Portugal, situated on a spectacular escarpment facing Spain. The view from the top of its ancient walls is breathtaking. Castelo de Vide is famed for its romanticism, its abundant greenery and strong historical legacy. Lose yourself on the streets of Portalegre’s historical centre. The cuisine of this unique area of the country is strong and charismatic. Don’t forget to ask for a local wine!

Enjoy authentic and charming hideaways perfectly adapted to the stunning scenery and enjoy complete relaxation. Your main souvenir will be the wealth of the voyage.


  • The beauty of Portugal’s oldest fortified town and one of its most picturesque villages
  • A wealth of animal life in a mountain range for travellers, not tourists
  • Local accommodation with international distinction that offers an intimate and family atmosphere
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  • We are Portuguese and know the hidden corners of our land better than anyone
  • We work with the best experts in the activities provided
  • We take every care when selecting your accommodation
  • Online reservation with immediate confirmation


  • Day 1: The meeting point is at Lisbon airport, where you will be provided with all the information about your tour and be given everything you need. The destination is the charming Quinta das Lavandas estate, where you will stay overnight in the biggest organic lavender plantation. The scent will tell you when you are nearly there. You will have time to relax and stroll through the pleasant vegetable gardens, orchards and greenhouses on the estate. Dinner time is a must and you will be welcomed to Portugal with a traditional and authentic gastronomic experience.
  • Day 2: After a delicious home-made breakfast, the starting point is the picturesque and romantic village of Castelo de Vide.
    The route starts by following old trails that lead up the Serra de São Mamede mountain range towards the peak of Senhora da Penha (Our Lady of the Rock). The route is stunning, as indeed are the sights that await you in the region. Afterwards, you descend westwards over historical trails and footpaths that wind between charming groves of cork oaks and lead you back to Castelo de Vide.(15 km + 750m)
  • Day 3: The route starts on the estate itself, from where you will set out for your next getaway, Quinta do Marvão. The trails pass through the São Mamede Natural Park and once connected the two major towns in the region, Castelo de Vide and Marvão. Various animal species inhabit these lovely mountains, home to one of the largest colonies of long-eared bats in Europe. When you can see Marvão from the top of a rock at an altitude of around 800 m, you are nearly at your destination. The path continues through the interior of Serra de São Mamede, bringing you to your next home, the lovely Quinta do Marvão. You will be rewarded with a panoramic view over the mountains and an invitation to enjoy the rare beauty of a landscape where time has stood still.(11km + 400m)
  • Day 4: After breakfast, the destination is Marvão. This picture-perfect walled village built on a spectacular 862 m high escarpment facing Spain offers history, charm and dazzling views. The base of the village is reached by a long climb over ancient trails. After a brief descent, you will go around the rocks on which the imposing village of Marvão is built, on some of the most beautiful trails on the mountains. The final ascent is over historical Medieval cobblestones through a fabulous wood of centuries-old cork oaks! Arrival at the summit. Venture through the narrow streets and explore the castle. You will feel privileged to have discovered this little pearl. Afterwards, it is a short descent to Quinta do Marvão. (11km + 700m)
  • Day 5: The start of the route is in Galegos, near the border with Spain, and follows historical paths flanked by centuries-old granite walls. You will be amazed at the ancient cork oaks and olive trees you encounter as you approach the beautiful village of Porto de Espada. Legend has it that the name, which translates as Port of the Sword, is linked to the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. St. James is reputed to have set up camp here, in a place called Porto, before facing the mountain hordes who wanted to fight. St. James, on his way to encounter the infidels, is said to have routed one hundred thousand with only the glow of his holiness. By drawing his sword, he managed to pass through the hordes and reach the place today known as Porto da Espada, and the battle was effectively won. The locals celebrated this historical miracle by naming the place Porto de Espada. After Porto de Espada, you will pass the Apartadura dam, and finally reach the burgundy tones of the charming Quinta da Dourada.(17km +500)
  • Day 6: The destination of the route is the peak of Serra de São Mamede, meeting local flora and fauna on the way. The scenery is breathtaking. The viewpoint at the peak of Serra de São Mamede offers unparalleled views of the magical town of Marvão, Castelo de Vide, and the mountain ranges of Gardunha, Talhadas, and Estrela, as well as the beautiful Apartadura Dam and many more beautiful places.(13km + 700m)
  • Day 7: After a tasty breakfast it will be difficult to leave, but we hope to welcome you back soon. 


The route will be mainly over moderately difficult hilly terrain.
Croquit Inland Alentejo Walking Tour Portugal

This tour is self guided so it is up to you to decide your date of departure, we will be here!

The price of the program is from €735 per person on a double room basis. Special seasons, single and solo traveller supplements applies.

What is included:
6 nights’ accommodation  with breakfast
Welcome reception at the airport with information about the programme providing a mobile phone, GPS track and informational material
Pic-nic to go on the activity days
1dinner at Quinta da Dourada
Transfer of luggage between accommodations
Travel insurance
1 Dinner

What is not included or is extra:
GPS Rental
Transfers one way or round trip
Extra Activities


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  • Quinta da Dourada

Quinta da Dourada

In shades of white and deep-red, in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, you will find the charming Quinta da Dourada.
  • Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas is the result of the will of two people who joined forces in an innovative project that combines agriculture and tourism based on sustainable principles.
  • Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão is a little retreat in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, where nature and tranquillity meet in perfect harmony.


  • Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Sintra is hillside fairy-tale village and a Unesco site just 25km away from Lisbon of an outstanding charm and beauty.
  • Walk- Historical Villages

Walk- Historical Villages

The centre of Portugal is synonym for small and typical villages fulfilled with authenticity and uniqueness.


  • Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

The Alentejo is a mix of emotions and colours with beautiful coastal and inland landscapes. The perfect destination for a romantic getaway in Portugal.