Winter in Portugal is a delightful season with frequent sunshine up and down the country and temperatures that rarely fall below 10ºC.

vila monte winter in Portugal
Photo: Vila Monte Farm Hotel

With an average of over 300 sunny days a year, winter here can sometimes seem more like spring and you will always need your sunglasses. What’s more, some places have a special charm at this time of year:

Explore the Douro

Alentejo Wineries Bike Tour (52) winter in Portugal

The Douro, with its World Heritage scenery, becomes even more beautiful in September and October, when the grapes are harvested. You can even overnight at one of the wineries that produce port wine and excellent table wine, or at a fine mansion house. We suggest you Quinta do Vallado, The Vintage House Douro, Solar Egas Moniz and River House 1872.

douro collage winter in Portugal
Photo: 1872 River House; Quinta do Vallado, The Vintage House Douro and Solar Egas Moniz

Enjoy the Alentejo and Algarve

A lot of people don’t like the winter in their own country and seek out the sun. The Algarve is the most well-known area for long stay winter in Portugal because of the beautiful beaches that surround the area, but the Alentejo also has excellent conditions for spending a peaceful warm winter in Portugal.

 alentejo algarve Collage winter in Portugal
Photo: Alentejo and Algarve

This peaceful region with its beautiful nature and culture is a paradise for people that are looking for harmony and great food. We suggest you Herdade da Matinha, Quinta da Dourada, Herdade do Touril and Vila Monte Farm House.

alentejo algarve collage hotels winter in Portugal
Photo:  Herdade do Touril, Quinta da Dourada, Herdade da Matinha and Vila Monte Farm House.