Children have the most to gain from all the great benefits that hiking offers. By introducing your kids to hiking, you’re helping them take steps, literally and figuratively, in the right direction. We present you some benefits to hike with your kids!

hike with your kids Mike barlow

With so much high technology and media, our children have no longer time to play, breath fresh air, explore nature and spend time with their family. Just as healthy food, exercise is very important for our body and mind. Is also one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving mental health. If we gleefully teach the kids how to include healthy exercise from the early stages of their development, we will be giving them a gift that will endure throughout their lives. With the sunny days that Portugal has accustomed us, hiking is a fantastic option to motivate children’s to practice exercise, spend quality time with family and a great way to introduce children’s to the wonders of nature.

We have a huge selection of tours that can include children’s, for example: a Sintra Day Tour that tell us enchanted stories, a Wild Southwest Coast where you can see our beautiful beaches and our Historical Village with so much to discover between handcraft or gastronomy. This type of activity will delight kids, because in addition to stroll, they have the opportunity to experience nature walks, fulfilled with history and cultural scenes or landscapes and a huge variety of animals and simple nature. Besides, this walks are a great way to transmit knowledge to the kids. There are always new plant species to know, monuments to identify, rivers to learn.

Hiking with the family strengthens the parent-child relationship, as well as increases the self-esteem of children by giving security for start doing this kind of activities together. Improves coordination and their ability to overcome challenging situations. During the growth of children, monitoring their development is critical. As intimacy also increases in this moments, the parent-child relationship is benefited bringing unbreakable bonds for the rest of life. If you start know, it won’t take long to your kids exceed your timmings and routes.
A tip is to carry a notebook where you can write down the plan walk, observations, memories of what you saw and even own leaves or flowers to paste the notebook. It will be a great collection of good moments past with the family.

For more informations about our tours, please contact us… We will be pleased to prepare the perfect tour for the all family!