Birdwatching essentials

Here are the top Birdwatching essentials that you should take with you when doing this activity! Most of all, have fun !

In Portugal, with its 300 sunny days per year, the first concern lies with the usage of sunscreen. Given the long hours spent in the sun, the usage of a high level sunscreen is a must when in Portuguese land. We also recommend the use of caps or hats to help protecting yourself from the sun.
Apart from the sunscreen, and before the audiovisual material specifications, we should mention a few items that bring great comfort to the long hours of dedication to this activity. A small bench, that may be closed is practical, light and is always a great aid for when the legs can no longer take the effort required to stand. An impearmeable windscreen or even a small umbrella to protect your audiovisual material in case it rains is also very helpful.
And speaking of audiovisual material, let’s start with the binoculars. These must have a reasonable ampliation factor so that you can get more clear and detailed images. The bigger the angle, the bigger the area you’re able to capture which can be a great help when watching big flocks of birds on the move. The lens transparency is also an important aspect to take into account because it influences the sensitivity degree with which the machine captures the light.
As for the camera, it must allow you to switch its lens because each different environment has its own different specifications and the camera must be able to cope with these changes. The focal distance and the zooming capabilities are of extreme importance, just like on the binoculars. It’s recommended the usage of DSLR machines because, apart from allowing different types of lenses, they also have other professional features that allow you to take better pictures than with other type of cameras. The tripod will allow you to get the stability required for when capturing images under low light conditions, which will surely bring you better results.
There are many tips and hints, and we hope to have highlighted the most important. Any suggestions?