Birdwatching Alentejo Plains Photo Dûrzan Cîrano

Birdwatching in Alentejo (Portugal), like in other cities and countries worldwide, has been growing.

More and more birdwatchers are travelling every year to distant and remote regions, and Portugal is no exception, to catch the sight of unique, shy birds which are seldom, if ever, seen by humans. But what a thrill it must be to walk silently for hours, trying to figure out where the birds are hiding, waiting anxiously for their appearance, and suddenly, across some thick foliage, be able to catch a glimpse of their beautiful feathers and colours or, better still, watch their habits for a little while!

Portugal is part of this international birdwatching trail. Its strategic situation in the migratory route of birds between Western Europe and Africa, which cross Portuguese territory twice a year, enables the regular observation of approximately 360 species. There are various regions in Portugal where you can practise birdwatching but, for the time being, let us concentrate in remote, dry Alentejo, namely in the Mértola and Castro Verde regions, characterised by its low forest cover and immense plains of fodder and cereals, where a unique and diversified bird community gathers. These are species which depend on this habitat for their survival. As resident species there are the Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Calandra Lark and Corn Bunting. During breeding season, these plains welcome species such as the Montagu’s Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, Collared Pranticole and Roller. Winter brings along significant numbers of Cranes and Red Kites.

The Castelejos farmhouse, very near Castro Verde, is strategically located for the birdwatching tourism in the Alentejo. Charming, preserved, authentic, made of wood, schist and white-washed, as most Alentejo houses, you will fell very welcome in this genuine and comfortable getaway with 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and a fabulous veranda inviting contemplation and day-dreaming. You will not want to leave this haven of peace…