3 - Traditional Food Portugal Bread from Alentejo

Bread from Alentejo is one of the most classic and best-like breads in Portugal.

It is part of the identity and culture and is a tradition in this beloved region Portugal.  With a heavy consistency and a thick, tough crust, it is a dense bread with a slight acidic tang. One of the curiosities of this bread is the yeast that is used, which is none other than “old dough” taken from the bread mixture and that is left from one day to the next, thus leaving the acidic tang that is at the heart of its production.
This bread is one of the products most cherished by locals and others, and in this particular region of Portugal, it is used for “almost everything”. At mealtimes, no Alentejano will sit down at the table without having bread on the side of any and all dishes.  It is also the base for many dishes such as açorda (bread stew) and migas (bread pudding) and it is also used in a number of soups made in the region.
For the Alentejans, it is an essential element they could not “live” without. In other parts of the country, it is possible to do without this bread, but any dining table looks much better with this traditional Portuguese delicacy.