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What to eat when exploring Portugal by Bicycle

Photo: Nelson Carvalheiro
When exploring Portugal by Bicycle, the adventure will never be enough if you will not get a taste of the prided food and wine that only Portugal has to offer.
For the past few years, the capital city of Lisbon has been serious in trying to reinvent the classic cuisine of the country by adding a touch of a new and more refined flair. While there are still a lot of tabernas and tascas that serve the classics, there are now more high end and gourmet style versions that are opening in vast numbers all over downtown as well as other more affluent areas. Aside from these, there are also wine-bars that are now flourishing in different parts of the city. The gourmet stores are also growing like mushrooms in downtown Lisbon that reignites the tradition of the Portuguese canned fish, preserved fruits and sweet jams. Recently, the ethnic restaurants from the previous colonies have also become more famous, specifically African, Goan and Brazilian cuisines.
With the rivers on the north, Atlantic to the west and the mountains bordering the eastern side, Porto is a spectacular place that you should never miss out when you tour Portugal on bicycle. Porto has its own set of signature dishes while still serving the traditional cuisine of northern regions. It has also been perfectly located right at the center of the wine country and from there, you can take off your day trip or even a longer excursion to the wine regions of Douro, the Dão and Vinho Verde. Here, you can participate in the guided wine tastings, check how the local wineries work and see the grapes that are grown and harvested from the vines in […]

Award winning travel blogger who dedicates his work to the soul and sense of place of the locations he has visited, the people he has met and the food he has tasted.
September 24, 2015|

Why Portugal is perfect for Cycling Tours

Photo: Cycling Experiences, credits to Nicola Sapiens De Mitri

Portugal is perfect for cycling tours and this is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know your destination because you make your own path and your own rhythm.
What we propose is blazing a trail, going ahead and riding through the most beautiful villages, plains, valleys, and terraced slopes. Whether your preference is for scenery, beaches, mountains or plains, We Love Small Hotels has something for you.
All our cycling holidays in Portugal are researched in depth, with everything taken care of for you, so that you can just turn up and cycle. In Portugal, our cycling tours takes you off-the-beaten-track to discover the true culture and atmosphere of this fascinating country.

The charming Douro valley
If you like pedaling with lots of greenery, we suggest the North of Portugal and the Douro because of the green landscapes and terraced vineyards planted long ago.
The Douro is the oldest wine region of the world, where for more than 200 years are produced outstanding quality wines due to its geographical conditions. Since 2011 the region is considered world heritage by Unesco.
The best time of the year to visit this regions is the Spring and the Autumn where there colour schemes gets more intense, in the Autumn, the landscapes gets golden tones and in the Spring the sceneries get whiter due to the color of the almond trees…
We invite you to cycle through our 8 days self-guided program with medium intensity. You’ll love it!

Photo: Cycling throgh Porto – Douro
Sintra One-Day Guided Bike Tour
Sintra is hillside fairy-tale village just 25km away from Lisbon of an outstanding charm and beauty. It is located within a natural park of immense lush green and there […]

September 3, 2015|

Portugal is the Best Country for Europe Bicycle Tours

Europe Bicycle Tours…
…have attracted enthusiasts not only from Europe but also from different parts of the world who are looking for a good dose of fun, excitement, thrill and adventure. As far as Bicycle tours are concerned, Portugal is undoubtedly the best country where you can get all that you want and experience a ride like you’ve never had before.
Europe’s West Coast with a Culture-Rich History
Portugal boasts of its abundant seafaring past which led to the very first discoveries of seaways to Brazil, China, Japan and India. Pedro Alvares Cabral and Vasco da Gama were only two of the popular captains that introduced spices to the European continent and made it more famous than ever. The world renowned epic verses of Luis Camões’s Lusiadas pay tribute to the golden age of discoveries of Portugal.
When you are in this place, history itself will greet you at each turn from the Moorish castles and palaces of the kings and queens to the different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A visit to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, will get you introduced to one of the oldest cities of Europe where you can indulge in a vibrant but utterly relaxed atmosphere of contemporary life that perfectly blends with the rich history of the past.

Photo: Lisbon

Enjoy Life the Portuguese Way
The people of Portugal are known for enjoying and making the most out of life while taking great pride of their rich heritage. They showcase their humble nature through their genuine passion for the traditional folk festivals as well as Fado, that wonderful music that tells the story of longing and past love that will ignite those deep feelings in your heart even if the language is foreign to your ears.
The cuisine […]

Award winning travel blogger who dedicates his work to the soul and sense of place of the locations he has visited, the people he has met and the food he has tasted.
August 13, 2015|