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Where to go in 2016: stroll along the wine region of Douro Valley

Where to go in 2016: stroll along the wine region of Douro Valley

What makes the wine so irresistible? Is it its taste? The ruby colour? The state of mind as one gets when drinking? Its history and wisdom? The magic landscape of the vineyards? The region of the Douro, acclaimed as the most beautiful wine region in the world, is the major symbol of this beautiful love story for the wine – for its beauty, history, people and taste.

Following the course of the Douro River, we arrive to the land of the wine, full of bright green and fresh air. The views are made of carved hills leading to the famous Porto wine and the most appreciated wines of the Douro and Vinho Verde Regions. We can see the colour changing with the different seasons, which makes this region even more surprising. Probably, we can still find here the same conditions that were found 2000 years ago which allowed producing the best wine in the world.

Sitting on a porch, drinking a glass of Port wine after dinner, we invite you to close your eyes and join us on this journey of the 5 senses of the Douro:

Photo by Vintage House Pinhão

Listen – Travel on the historic train in the Douro, between banks and landscapes, a true journey back in time. Begin in Peso da Régua, with a stop at Pinhão, through the river Tua.

Photo by Douro à Vela – http://www.douro-a-vela.pt/gallery-sensations-2

Taste – On the road between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, have lunch at the breath-taking DOC Restaurant from Chef Rui Paula, where every meal is a unique and special moment. The menu has a strong regional influence, but it has evolved into new flavours […]

March 4, 2016|

Portugal Hiking Trails – Lousã

is a medium size town in the center of Portugal, distancing 27 Km from Coimbra. The town is also in the foothills of a mountain range (Serra da Lousã), a very popular region for its nature-related tourism. Within the wide variety of offers like river beaches and water sports, bicycle and mountain bike trails, hiking stands out as the main attraction of the region.

Aldeias de Xisto (Shist Villages)
Behind Lousã’s importance for hikers are the schist villages. Small and ancient settlements spread and concealed by topography and vegetation, these villages appear to hikers like a true oasis.

Schist villages are a civilization glimpse within the deep forest, giving explores an opportunity to rest, have a cup of tea or a meal. But more important is the villages become an exciting and romantic discovery. Along the different trails, these colonies work like emotion triggers to adventurers.

There is always a less thrilling alternative to meet the innumerous schist villages, wich is to drive all the way there. Not much of an adventure indeed, but the roads are extremely secure, the landscape will be there and you can have a picnic alongside the road. Even by car, it is still possible to feel romantic atmosphere of discovery.

Portugal Hiking trails
Portugal Hiking trails are notably well maintained in Lousã area. There are plenty of possible circuits, with different lengths and degrees of difficulty. The pathways are very well flagged and it is easy to find paper maps or to download them for mobile apps like Wikiloc. Another important feature is the trails proximity to civilization. Providing confidence and a true sense of security for hikers.

To Hike in lousã
There is no special gear needed, however, there a few water streams to be crossed. I was able to overcome […]

February 10, 2016|

Why Portuguese Influence Is the Next Food Trend in Europe

Photo: Nelson Carvalheiro
Have you been in Portugal and tried their mouth-watering cuisines and recipes? Portugal doesn’t only have a unique and beautiful sceneries, but as well delicious cuisines and recipes that will mark your plate. Therefore, Portuguese foods and recipes are astonishingly different from other European countries, as well as influenced by links with the Africa, Far East, the New World and East Indies. This is why Portuguese is the next food trend in Europe:
Portuguese Cuisine Methods, Recipes and Techniques
One thing that makes Portugal prevalent is its sunny seasons that spread well in autumn. Through the year, tourists love visiting Portugal because of its mild climate, since it provides fruit cultivation and extensive vegetation. Fish is readily available salted, dried and fresh. Shellfish is another popular cuisine being offered on the dish with no or little garnish. The sardines, parsley, clams, lean bacon, crab and chicken are commonly used in food preparations. Some of the famous Portuguese cuisines include bacalhau and caldeira.
For the meat lovers, there are plenty of choices for you to try their delicious cuisines, such as espetada, which is a grilled beef skewers with garlic and cozido a portuguesa, a one dish meal of pork, vegetables, sausage and beef that reflects the traditional cooking resourcefulness. Caldo verde is the most well-known soup in Portugal.
At the Portuguese cuisine’s heart is the use of quality ingredients that is simply prepared on preserving their unique flavors. It is very important to select the correct amount of ingredients such as chili peppers to color or spice the dish. Aside from the recipes, visual attraction of the dish is also significant as well as balance between proportion and colors differentiate. Each of the Portuguese cuisines and […]

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January 5, 2016|