5 - D. Afonso Henriques History Portugal

Born in 1109, in a place called the County of Portucale, Afonso Henriques was responsible for changing the fate of Portugal. Son of Count D. Henrique and D. Teresa, D. Afonso Henriques was raised to be a great ruler and knight. His father, D. Henrique de Borgonha, had conquered a large territory from the Moors and, because of his bravery, the county of Portucale had been granted to him. As the sole ruler of Portucale, he wanted independence. After his death, D. Teresa, his wife, was influenced by a Spanish nobleman and changed her mind. However, when D. Afonso Henriques realised his mother was to betray the wishes and ambitions of the king and that she would hand over this precious county to Spain, he decided to fight the famous battle of São Mamede, at the age of 14, where he faced the Spanish army and transformed Portucale into a Kingdom!
D. Afonso Henriques was the first king of Portugal and is responsible for Portugal’s borders, which are known as the oldest borders in Europe.

Photo: wikipedia