D. Sebastião 16th King of Portugal

D. Sebastião was the 16th king of Portugal, having inherited the throne when he was only three years old.

While he was growing up, a regent was appointed for him and at the age of 14 he took on his responsibility as King. He was a very religious young man with a fervent military spirit. His intentions were to be a part of major battles, particularly against traitors, and his ambition was to conquer Morocco from the Moors.  He decided to leave. It was in Alcácer Quibir, the city that gave its name to the war, that the Portuguese troops clashed against the Muslim troops, and where the young D. Sebastião died.
The king had left no descendants and two years later, Portugal came under the rule of Spain, with King Philip II, the King of Spain, ascending to the throne. The people then believed that D. Sebastião had not died in Alcácer Quibir and that he would return one foggy day to reclaim the much desired independence of Portugal.