All Portuguese are proud of Portugal’s sunlight, beaches, gastronomy, Cristiano Ronaldo and wines. They are, and have always been, some of our best business cards and justly so. Today let’s talk about wine!

Wine is a subject that is part of our identity. We have always identified ourselves with our wines and have always consumed them with pride. We have never imported much wine from abroad and have always defended our wines as some of the best in the world. They might not be produced in large quantities such as the Californian or Australian ones, might not be well advertised (as the Spanish are), might not have the aura of the French ones, but all world wine experts know that Portuguese wines belong to a niche of the best of the best! In a way, as so many other things about Portugal, our wines are also being “discovered”. And there are so many to choose from…

From the world famous Port wine to the smooth, sweet, rich Douro reds, to the strong flavoured Alentejo ones, which remain in the mouth for a long time, to the subtle, dry whites (Alvarinho) or spicy greens (Muralhas de Monção is a good one) from Northern Portugal… all full of character, personality and uniqueness. And because they deserve to be mentioned, note the following names from two Douro properties in our site: the award winning “Quinta do Vallado” and “Morgadio da Calçada” (both included under the “umbrella” of the “Douro Boys” brand, a name given to a group of top Douro wine producers, each responsible for its own wine estate).

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However, if you plan to visit central Portugal, in the Lousã region, choose their local wine “Conde Foz de Arouce”, a top wine from a top Portuguese producer, João Portugal Ramos, who also produces some of the best Alentejo wines, such as “Marquês de Borba”, “Vila Santa”, “Loios” or “Estremus”. You will find them in all specialized shops and also in good restaurants in the areas around Estremoz, Évora and Borba. So, for a memorable gastronomic holiday, you just have to choose from one of our unique guesthouses in the Alentejo region: Monte Saraz, Quinta das Lavandas, Herdade Água d’Alte, among others.