The Alentejo is a mix of emotions, colours and shapes. Golden plains to the south, green valleys to the north, castles, temples, flora and fauna of great distinction. So the interior Alentejo is full of tradition and authenticity. Discover the Alentejo, but take your time…


To the south, you have the golden hues, where the plains and valleys are an invitation to hiking. To the north, the slopes and woods on the mountains fill activities with romance. Day-to-day life is at a calm rhythm that invites you to go back in time and enjoy it in a special way.

The historical legacy is unparalleled. There are towns, such as Marvão or Monsarraz, that have long stood inside the walls of castles; there are Roman temples that stand in the town squares, like in Évora; there are Roman bridges that unite towns. There are dozens of centuries to be unveiled…

But history is not just in the monuments. The food is still carefully preserved in the local restaurants so the best thing to do is ask for the house special. You certainly won’t regret it. Accompany it with traditional Alentejo bread, baked in a wood oven, and a glass of a distinguished and seasoned Alentejo wine, from the 220 ha of vineyards in this demarcated region.

The white houses are another of the classics of the region, whose small clusters give rise to the most peaceful and tranquil villages in Portugal.


  • Small white villages that pop up along the valleys and plains
  • The authenticity of its people
  • The medieval villages and castles that transport you to other times




  • Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

The Alentejo is a mix of emotions and colours with beautiful coastal and inland landscapes. The perfect destination for a romantic getaway in Portugal.


  • Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel

Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel

"Located at the heart of historical Estremoz, this romantic boutique hotel is an amazing welcome from Alentejo with a timeless and classical refinement."
  • Quinta da Dourada

Quinta da Dourada

In shades of white and deep-red, in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, you will find the charming Quinta da Dourada.
  • Casa dos Castelejos

Casa dos Castelejos

Casa dos Castelejos is located in the picturesque village of Monte Guerreiro, in a unique environment between countryside and town.
  • Herdade Água D’Alte

Herdade Água D’Alte

In the heart of Serra D’Ossa, amidst plains and valleys, vineyards and olive trees, stands the distinguished Herdade Água D’Alte.
  • Monte da Fornalha

Monte da Fornalha

A charming Alentejo estate full of warm, colourful tones and distinctive decorative details, with plenty of stories and emotions to share.
  • Monte Saraz

Monte Saraz

A peaceful retreat with views over the delightful town of Monsaraz. The nineteenth-century “monte” has in the old times operated as an olive oil press.
  • Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas is the result of the will of two people who joined forces in an innovative project that combines agriculture and tourism based on sustainable principles.
  • Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão

Quinta do Marvão is a little retreat in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, where nature and tranquillity meet in perfect harmony.
  • Casa do Governador

Casa do Governador

In plain inner Alentejo, and just 3 kilometres away from Évora we can find a small and charming small hotel called “Casa do Governador”.


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