“The white and pink almond tree shades give a charm to the intense lush green. The seasons allow these scenarios to gain different pallete color as the year goes by…”


The charm of the Douro lies in its green mountains, the steep cliffs, the freshness of the rivers and their tributaries, the gorges of vineyards that have been rooted here for centuries and that continue a rich and distinctive wine-making tradition… It lies among the terraces of land that link nature and man through the schist walls that extend over the slopes and have created the perfect conditions for planting vines in this demarcated region.The white and pink shades of the almond trees lend charm to the intense green that is felt all around. The variation in the hues of the scenery can be observed as the seasons pass. The grape-harvesting season around the middle of September represents an important turning point at which they the year’s harvests are assessed. The historical legacy is rich and reflects the regions role in the foundation of Portugal. However, the North is not only the Douro. Porto charms with its historical and architectural richness which, allied to the city’s riverside areas, gives it a very distinctive charm. Guimarães is the birthplace of the nation, the city of the first king of Portugal, who chose it as the capital of the Kingdom. The cities of Vila Real, Bragança and Viana do Castelo also hide some of the secrets of the History of Portugal. In conclusion, the North breathes clean air submerged in history, tradition and authenticity, inviting you not just to get to know it but also to experience this authentic and rich destination full of legends about the foundation of Portugal. Photo: José Manuel


  • The stunning balance between the natural and human legacy of the terraces in the vineyards of the Douro
  • The unique landscape of the road from Régua to Pinhão
  • The strong historical legacy of the North, which gave birth to Portugal




  • Surfing Days in Matosinhos

Surfing Days in Matosinhos

In Portugal, the North is known for its rigor, and the sea is no exception! Onda Pura Surf School will take you to experience the waves of Matosinhos beach, where you can find the famous right tubular.
  • Romance- A Love Affair in Douro

Romance- A Love Affair in Douro

The north of Portugal and the Douro have the most romantic views of the country. Indulge the very best of Portugal with and added romantic flair.


  • The Vintage House Douro

The Vintage House Douro

Just a few meter from the Douro River, in Pinhão village, we find the charming Vintage House Hotel.
  • Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

This Manor house is not a mere rental accommodation or a family run guest house, it is not mere rural tourism, it is not a hotel.It’s an invitation to sharpen your senses and take yourself on a trip...
  • Morgadio da Calçada

Morgadio da Calçada

On the Douro Vineyard region, and in the village of Provesende, we find Morgadio da Calçada, a XVII century manor house.
  • 1872 River House

1872 River House

In one one of the best Oporto locations, we find this charming guest house, inviting us to discover the best views over Douro river.


  • Port Wine

Port Wine

Port Wine.

When visiting the north of Portugal, make sure you visit the wine cellars […]

  • The Foz Côa Park

The Foz Côa Park

Foz Coa.

More recently, as a result of the intention to build a dam in […]