Costa Vicentina stretches from Sagres to Odeceixe and the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo climbs north to Sines, but the only difference between these parts are the regions where they are set in – the Alentejo and the Algarve. 


The Portuguese southwest coast is presented among slopes and rocky cliffs, secluded, deserted beaches and a unique spirit of freedom, commented on by many.

The Atlantic Ocean brings cheer to this whole setting and has a lot of influence on this preserved haven. The fauna has a very unique personality and the birds are definitely the strong point of the region, as the park lies on a migratory route for these birds, coming from Africa and Europe, providing an ornithological diversity unmatched in value.

The fishing villages of the Alentejo coast are a delight. Small and painted white, they lead a very calm and tranquil day-to-day life and convey authenticity and simplicity. At the table, the fresh fish and seafood, washed down with Alentejo wine are the delight of those who really want to get involved with the destination.


  • The sense of freedom when you see the cliffs and coastal escarpments
  • The wild and deserted beaches of the Alentejo Coast
  • The tranquillity of its genuine, sleepy villages
  • The authenticity of its people




  • Surf the Sagres Wave

Surf the Sagres Wave

Aldeia da Pedralva Village tourism, in Vila do Bispo, invites you to discover the “Other Algarve”. Then surf in Carrapateira, well known for its excellent conditions for surfing
  • Surf and discover Costa Vicentina

Surf and discover Costa Vicentina

Costa Vicentina is an undiscovered paradise, like a diamond in the rough, which man never has possessed. In this tour, we invite you to know one of the most unspoilt areas of the Portuguese coast.


  • Aldeia da Pedralva- Village Tourism

Aldeia da Pedralva- Village Tourism

It was love for the heritage a big will of creating a sustainable tourism project that motivated the reconstruction of the Pedralva Village: a renovated village, a sustainable project.
  • Casas do Moinho

Casas do Moinho

Village tourism in the heart of Odeceixe, which offers the best of the Algarve with a taste of the Alentejo.
  • Herdade do Touril

Herdade do Touril

The lovely Herdade do Touril, in the Alentejo Coast invites you to enjoy your stay among nature, with the Atlantic ocean as its background.
  • Quinta do Chocalhinho

Quinta do Chocalhinho

Among valleys and hills criss-crossed by trails of century-old olive trees, cork trees and fruit trees we find the charming Quinta do Chocalhinho.


  • Softcoastering



The Portuguese southwest coast has some of the best beaches in the country. The […]

  • Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina
The Rota Vicentina is a 350-kilometre walking route that runs along the Portuguese southwest […]

  • Surfing in Alentejo

Surfing in Alentejo


The Portuguese southwest coast has some of the best beaches in the country. The […]