“Beside its small size, Portugal has a lot to discover. We have selected the most authentic and genuine experiences in different regions of Portugal. We invite you to bring the best Souvenir of Portugal: your own adventure while discovering the destination.”

Its common sense that the essence is quality and not the size, and this is common said in Portugal as we have a small country. With about 900 km north to south, Portugal has all kinds of natural habitats, landscapes and astonishing scenarios.

Every region has its very own character as a result, rich traditions, typical locals, and ancient wisdom. The north of the country with hilly green landscapes like the Douro region with beautiful cities like Porto, Braga, Guimarães. In the south golden hues, with charming plains and valleys from Alentejo till the Algarve. The west with its slopes and rocky cliffs.

We address you an invitation to discovery the very destinations we have selected for you.


  • The different strong personalities between regions
  • The proximity of the distances between regions
  • The rich biodiversity


  • Lisbon & Surroundings

Lisbon & Surroundings

With so many highlights and must see Lisbon fulfils all tastes, from food lovers, to history enthusiasts, to fashion addicts or travel passionates.
  • Interior and Unique Alentejo

Interior and Unique Alentejo

The Alentejo is a mix of emotions, colours and shapes. Golden plains to the south, green valleys to the north, castles, temples, flora and fauna of great distinction. So the interior Alentejo is full of tradition and authenticity.
  • North & Douro Valley

North & Douro Valley

The charm of the Douro lies in its green mountains, the steep cliffs, the freshness of the rivers and their tributaries, the gorges of vineyards.
  • Historical Villages

Historical Villages

Between the Tagus and the Douro, north and south, you will find the most enchanting villages, breathing tradition, history and authenticity.
  • Off the beaten track Algarve

Off the beaten track Algarve

he Algarve is much more than just a sun, sea and sand tourist destination. The Algarve hides a cultural heritage and historical legacy of great relevance.