2 - Fado Customs and Traditions Portugal

Fado is the music of Portugal and of the Portuguese people.

In 2011, was considered Intangible Cultural Heritage. Its origins are still unclear, yet its urban roots connected to the city of Lisbon are unquestionable. This is a style of music that talks of Portugal, its history, culture, tradition and language, mixed with a large dose of the most universal of feelings, such as love, pain or loneliness.
Although Fado is closely linked to Lisbon and its traditional neighbourhoods of Alfama, Graça, Mouraria and Bairro Alto, where every night you can hear: “silence, fado is going to be sung” it has spread throughout the country and in any Portuguese city, village or town there is a house where you can hear this type of music, an artist that can sing or simply a group of friends getting carried away by this melancholic music.

Today, Fado is a symbol of national identity and is the most popular of urban music.

Photo: wikipedia