Portugal is a great country to visit with kids, firstly because people are very warm and easy going, in a very friendly environment not only for parents but also for the children, but also because due to the size of the country, you do not have to travel much to get from region to region or attraction to attraction and kids will appreciate it.

Here are some of the top family attractions in Portugal for you to attend with your children:


The Lisbon Zoo: The so called Jardim Zoológico in Lisbon is a great attraction for kids, not only because all kids like animals but because it offers lots of animal presentations and other facilities that kids and parents are usually very keen on. An example is the cable car that during a 20 minute ride allows you to see the animal from above…a certainly very nice approach to see the animals on a different angle. Another interesting attraction are the animals presentation which includes birds, dolphins, sea lions and others.

Blog--Lisbon-Aquarium- José Manuel

Oceanário de Lisboa: The Lisbon aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Lisbon and one of the most visited attraction by tourists in the capital. It hosts about 16.00 animals and 450 different species . This attraction is a delight not only for kids but also for adults and it is extremely educational. One of the major concern is to explain to visitors that besides existing 5 different oceans with different characteristics, we should look at the different oceans as one and take the utmost care for it. Photo: José Manuel

Badoca Safari Park: Located in Santiago do Cacém, in the Alentejo region, the Badoca Park provides an outstanding safari experience in the inland of the country. You see species like zebras, giraffes, oryx , wildebeest and many other species from the African country. There are also many species of birds such as exotic species but also presentations of birds of prey.
There are lots to see and do in this safari park and for sure your kids will love the experience.

Waterparks: there are numerous waterparks in Portugal but definitely the south of the country, namely the Algarve, is the regions that host most of these parks. Probably the best suggestion would be the Zoo Marine as this aquatic centre not only has the usual swimming pools and slides but also many different animal presentations and shows, including dolphins and sea lions, as well as bird presentations. However if you are looking for just a water park, the Aquashow in Quarteira is probably a good option. Besides the long and crazy swimming pools and slides it also offers a hotel if you would like to stay nearby.

There are lots of things to do in Portugal with kids and on a family trip, so just bring your children along. We are sure they will become big fans of Portugal.