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There are many typical dishes from Porto and the cuisine from the northern Portugal is one of the most remarkable of the country. And for this reason, Francesinha deserves a special mention! When thinking about sandwiches Francesinha is definitely one of the most popular in Portugal.

Francesinha means “little French girl” or “little frenchie”  and is made with bread, sausage, steak and ham, and filled with melted cheese on top. It has also a very special sauce, the secret of the dish,  made out of tomato and beer. If you are not very keen on sauces, you can always ask it aside.

The sandwich was inspired in the “croque-monsieur” toast and the the responsible for its creation was Daniel David Silva. He was an immigrant from France and when he came back to Portugal he started to cook this delight on  “A Regaleira” restaurant in 1950. It was said that he wanted to create something to remember the French girls and voilá, he created Francesinha.

Nowadays there are many variations of this sandwich including vegetarian ones , usually served with french fries. This sandwich it’s not a light one, so we advise you to have one for lunch while you still have time to walk and burn all the calories in the charming city of Porto. There are many restaurants serving Francesinhas and as real fans of this sandwich, we have shortlisted our favourite restaurants serving Francesinhas in Porto:

– Santiago Café
– Cufra
– Capa Negra
– Lado B café

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