Every year in mid-September the grape harvest season begins. In a country like Portugal with such a strong wine culture, this is an really important event.

Portuguese wines are among the best in the world and taking part in one of the country’s oldest winemaking traditions is a memorable holiday activity in Portugal. Enjoying a glass of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures! At least, that’s what we think after spending an amazing day on a Portuguese traditional wine harvest.

The vines are pruned in January at the beginning of the year.  Later, in the Spring, bunches of grapes begin to appear and later, in the warm Summer, the grapes begin to gain their colour, taste and scent, and will be ready to be harvested in mid-September. The grape harvests are important annual milestones in the various wine regions of the country. In olden times, the harvest took place in a festive and convivial atmosphere and was a true celebration. Family, friends and loved ones would come together to harvest the grapes and then tread on them.  Young and old helped in this celebration. Today the tradition continues and it is a time of hard work, celebrated in a festive environment. If you find yourself in the Portugal at this time of the year, take part in the grape harvests. Get up early, roll your sleeves up and “get to work”.

We can’t imagine a better way to spend a day in September. This is a great idea for a holiday activity if you ever travel to Portugal at this time of the year.

Photo: Quinta do Vallado