Stately homes, palaces, manor houses and old convents are the buildings people look at and imagine their rich histories. These buildings have a strong historical legacy, helping to keep the most beautiful legends and enchanting stories alive.

In preserving their traditional features and the traditions of bygone days, these places are real contributions to the enhancement of Portuguese cultural and historical heritage, allowing total immersion in the culture of the destination.
In some cases, the decor is faithfully retained to maintain the charm of yesteryear; in other cases it is modernised with contemporary details that unite antiquity and modernity, with great attention to comfort.


  • The enchanting stories and legends that will inspire you
  • The architecture and decorative details that takes you back in time
  • The character and charm of the old times


  • Quinta da Dourada

Quinta da Dourada

In shades of white and deep-red, in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, you will find the charming Quinta da Dourada.
  • Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

In the heart of the historical centre of the charming village of Lousã, stands an 18th century building the Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel.
  • Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

Solar Egas Moniz – Charming House

This Manor house is not a mere rental accommodation or a family run guest house, it is not mere rural tourism, it is not a hotel.It’s an invitation to sharpen your senses and take yourself on a trip...
  • Morgadio da Calçada

Morgadio da Calçada

On the Douro Vineyard region, and in the village of Provesende, we find Morgadio da Calçada, a XVII century manor house.