Marvão is one of the wonders of Portugal and one of the best preserved fortified villages in Portugal, located on a spectacular escarpment facing Spain. From the top of the fortress at an altitude of 862 m, on a clear day you can see the majestic Gardunha and Estrela mountains. The view from the top of its centuries-old walls is breathtaking. It was once a Roman outpost and a Moorish castle. It was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques in 1160-65. Under the reign of D. Dinis, the fortress was reconstructed and expanded. It was provided with walls, bastions and small forts to resist the numerous fights between the Portuguese and the Spanish. With winding streets, flanked by white houses, Marvão is the ideal place for walking. You must visit the sixteenth-century church, climb to the top of the keep tower and go down to the castle’s vaulted cistern that supplied water to the village. The unusual beauty of the place, together with the grace of a beautifully preserved medieval town, make Marvão a jewel of national heritage.

Photo: José Manuel