4 - Pedro and Inês History Portugal

The love story of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro is one of the most romantic and beautiful episodes in the History of Portugal.

In mid-1340, D. Pedro I, then at the right age to get married, was given the hand of D. Constança Manuel, a noble from the kingdom of Castile. D. Constança was always accompanied by several lady’s maids, including the beautiful and youthful Inês de Castro.
D. Pedro was unable to resist the charms of Inês de Castro, and even after marrying D. Constança at the Cathedral in Lisbon, with whom he had three children, he regularly met with Inês de Castro.
Later, Constança died giving birth to their third child, leaving D. Pedro a widower and free for his beloved. For a few years, D. Pedro and Inês lived a beautiful love story, but the king, in despair as a result of his son’s conversations and behaviour, decided to kill D. Inês. This happened on a day D. Pedro was away hunting, and the king, together with 3 noblemen, approached Inês in this hunting resort, close to a fountain, and bitterly took her life. Legend has it that the stain of her blood never left the fountain stones.
D. Pedro became desperate, he attacked his father and his estate and later, when he rose to the throne, one of his first actions was to order the death of the noblemen who had taken the life of his loved one, making the whole court kiss her hand. You can visit the tombs of D. Pedro and Inês in the monastery of Alcobaça and learn all the details of this story on a guided visit to the monastery.

Photo: wikipedia