The Filigree is a very typical on the Portuguese jewellery. It is a metal working technique that can be either applied to stone or gold with a very strong impact on the history of the Portuguese jewellery. The first pieces found in Portugal made with this technique date back from the 2500-2000 AC.

This thorough technique is very unique as it a hand making turning every piece into a single and unique one. Most of the pieces based in this technique were representations of motives related to national history and culture.
The most famous pieces of jewellery made from this technique are the Hearts of Viana do Castelo. These have religious origins and are related with the devotion to the Sacred Heart. Back in time the heart was a symbol of life, love and fraternity and these were the main characteristics of the saints so these jewellery hearts were used as necklaces, as “hearts outside the chest”.

These jewelleries are part of the Portuguese identity and have become more and more famous over the past years and many international celebrities such as Sharon Stone or the Queen Mary are big fans of.

Upon your next visit to Portugal do not miss these famous pieces of art sold is most of the Portuguese jewellery shops.