Blog- The portuguese tradition of eating snails

This typical dish is very appreciated throughout Portugal! To travellers this might look a bit weird but is really part of the portuguese culture.

This dish is usually offered in the month without the “r”. So May is the first month of this typical delicatessen!

It is associated to good weather and it is commonly served with butter toasts and of course a cold beer.

The cooking process starts with the intense snails cleaning. After this, the snails are put in a pan and are slowly cooked together with  oregano, laurel, garlic, onion, olive oil, salt and pepper and a little spice called piri-piri, equivalent to chili pepper.

Just look out in cafes and restaurants for the sign “Há Caracóis” (meaning there are snails) and give it a try!

Be a real local and try them out! We would love to hear your feedback :)