birds in Portugal

Birdwatching is one of Portugal’s most interesting activities. Doubtless an off-the-beaten track spot to watch birds in Portugal, only the curious and the lucky ones know the surprises and the rarities this country holds. A paradise for us and a paradise for those visiting us, Portugal gathers some of Europe’s best conditions to watch for your favourite birds.

The fact that Portugal is on the migratory route of many species between Africa and Europe, makes it a perfect location for excellent birdwatching. Another of Portugal’s greatest advantages is the fact that most birds can be observed within relatively short distances, as the country is so small (ca 900 km from North to South).

Roughly, there are 5 main regions for good birdwatching in Portugal: the Lisbon estuary, the Douro, the Tagus river near Spain, the Eastern part of the Algarve and also the interior of the Alentejo, namely the Mértola and Castro Verde region (check our guided visits to the Lisbon and Mértola sanctuaries). Apart from the about 360 species which are regularly spotted in our territory, please find a list of the rare species that have been spotted / recorded in the last few years:

a) in the Lisbon estuary: Ring-billed Gull, Marbled Teal Bittern, Bean Goose, White-fronted Goose, Barnacle Goose, Great Northern Diver; Brent Goose, Herring Gull and Richard’s Pipit;

b) in the Douro: Larus Glaucoides, Larus Philadelphia, Larus Hyperboreus, Larus Argentatus and Clangula Hyemalis; c) Interior Alentejo: Snow Bunting (for the first time), Long-legged Buzzard, Ruddy Duck, Sociable Plover, Glaucous Gull and Red-throated diver;

c) in the Algarve: Green-winged Teal (first time in the Algarve), Ruddy Shelduck, Rock Pipit, Slavonian Grebe (first time in the Algarve), Ferruginous Duck and Glaucous Gull (first time in the Algarve). And many others, such as the recent Brown Noddy, the Arctic Warbler and the Geothlypis Trichas, in Vilamoura, Algarve.

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