Photo: Crafts TASA Project, Artisan: António Luz

The Algarve locals are reinventing their traditional handicrafts roots by innovating in the design, production and presentation of its crafts  – This is the aim of the TASA project.

An initiative developed in Algarve by CCDR Algarve, who looks forward to refresh the design, the concept and the look of the traditional crafts by adapting them to the contemporary expectations and needs.

The project offers consultancy, education, promotion and selling platform, for those looking forward to sell their reinvented products. Also they develop workshops and other activities to the youth and general public in order to strength the connection with the traditional crafts and increase the entrepreneur spirit within the crafts business.


Photo: Crafts TASA Project, Artisan: José Amendoeira


This project is located in the rural areas of Algarve, extending the scope of intervention to different practices, with the aim of strengthening synergies between handicraft production and the commercial sector.

Apart from a new line of products, several youth activities take place, with the aim to bring them closer to crafts. Through various publication channels, the project TASA promoted their blog to show the ongoing activities; a catalog with research, critical analysis on handicrafts, materials and a audiovisual documentary directed by filmmaker Jorge Murteira (CESO CI).

They´re products are just amazing, and for sure if you check their catalogue you would like to buy almost everything (at least this is our honest opinion), so upon your next vacation to Algarve don’t miss a visit to their shop in Loulé: Rua de Portugal, nº 35-B, 8100-554 Loulé.

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