Pedaling outside along the road, with the sun shining and having a horrible headache….

Having a hole in the wheel in the middle of nowhere or die of thirst uphill….

Very unpleasant situation any biker can face upon a trip. We have put together a couple of items any biker should bring with him as a survival kit:

A Pump with repair kit is a must upon any biker tour, since a hole can damage a tour. Always take one with you as it fits on the bikes and it is very practical! A Mobile plastic bag is very useful if you travel in rainy season, but also if you find something you might like to bring home on the way, if you have any garbage, a plastic bag is always handy. Under the seat, you can use the bike bag with some medical identification info, in case you need someone’s help, this will identify your allergies to certain medications or blood type for example. (Hopefully you never need it) and in case of malaise or headache, the ideal would be bring a painkiller to numb the pain until at least you can go to some place to take a break on the trip.

Another important thing, and useful, is to take money. We may need it for any eventuality, or even to buy a postcard with a beautiful landscape, or if you want stop to lunch in a beautiful place. Food is always necessary in these trips. There is nothing worse than riding with weakness. Also always take an energy bar or fruit to stay well nourished.

Finally, and indispensable, is to take water bottles, at least two. Drinking plenty of water allows a better balance of body and strength.
These may vary with the distance or intensity of the trail, but with this kit, you can rest ensured that most of the unpleasant situations are covered so Just enjoy the ride 😉