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The Typical Portuguese Easter Menu

Portugal is a Catholic country and the Easter is an important religious festive season. As on all festive seasons and special celebrations, there is always a typical menu to celebrate the date.
The Good Friday prior to Easter is always celebrated with fish dishes as according to the Catholic principles you should not eat meat as it is related with the blood Christ shed to save us, so by avoiding this food you would be compassion with his suffer specially on the day of his death. So in Portugal when you mentioned fish, the first variety that come up is cod. So it is the most popular portuguese plate to eaten on Good Friday.
On Easter Sunday the tradition is different and the meat is the most popular food on this date due to the meat absence during the Lent season.
The roasted lamb or kid are the most popular meats eaten on this day with roasted potatoes.
But the desserts are probably the most distinguished for this season and the “Folar” is the major sweet of the season. It is a sweet bread that comes with a boiled egg in the middle, which represents the rebirth of Christ. However there are many variations of this bread and for instance in the Algarve region they do not include the egg on the bread and the bread is much sweeter.
So if you are planning to visit Portugal on this season, try to eat the specialities of this season, “When in Rome, do as Romans do”.

March 4, 2015|

The Reinvention of the traditional Crafts from Algarve

Photo: Crafts TASA Project, Artisan: António Luz
The Algarve locals are reinventing their traditional handicrafts roots by innovating in the design, production and presentation of its crafts  – This is the aim of the TASA project.
An initiative developed in Algarve by CCDR Algarve, who looks forward to refresh the design, the concept and the look of the traditional crafts by adapting them to the contemporary expectations and needs.
The project offers consultancy, education, promotion and selling platform, for those looking forward to sell their reinvented products. Also they develop workshops and other activities to the youth and general public in order to strength the connection with the traditional crafts and increase the entrepreneur spirit within the crafts business.

Photo: Crafts TASA Project, Artisan: José Amendoeira
This project is located in the rural areas of Algarve, extending the scope of intervention to different practices, with the aim of strengthening synergies between handicraft production and the commercial sector.
Apart from a new line of products, several youth activities take place, with the aim to bring them closer to crafts. Through various publication channels, the project TASA promoted their blog to show the ongoing activities; a catalog with research, critical analysis on handicrafts, materials and a audiovisual documentary directed by filmmaker Jorge Murteira (CESO CI).
They´re products are just amazing, and for sure if you check their catalogue you would like to buy almost everything (at least this is our honest opinion), so upon your next vacation to Algarve don’t miss a visit to their shop in Loulé: Rua de Portugal, nº 35-B, 8100-554 Loulé.

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February 26, 2015|

Top 3 Food Markets in Portugal

The Food markets have always been an attraction to food lovers whilst visiting foreign countries. In this markets you always have the possibility to see and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and obviously the most typical products and ingredients featuring the local portuguese cuisine. From north to the south we have selected our Top 3 Food Markets in Portugal , the most typical and famous.

In the north, most precisely in Porto the “Mercado do Bolhão” has always been one of the city attractions. This two storey market is famous not only to buy fresh food & vegetables but also to enjoy the authenticity of the sellers that reflect the character of the Portuguese people. By having two storeys you can appreciate from the upper lever the movement of the lower ground. The flowers are also one of the market attractions in this centrally located market. It is open during week days from 8 am till 5 pm and on Saturdays from 08.00 am till 1pm.
In Lisbon, one of our preferred markets is “Mercado da Ribeira”, in the Santos Area. This market is opened since 1800 and is one of the city’s oldest. Here you can find all sort of dairy products, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits. Recently this year, this market had deep refurbishments so, besides the market, you also have the chance to eat gourmet signature meals from the most typical chefs in Portugal. So our suggestion is to visit the market during the morning, stay for lunch and indulge some of the Portuguese typical meals. The market is opened daily from 07 am till 1pm except on Sundays. The food court is opened from Thursdays till Saturdays from 10 am till […]

December 23, 2014|