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Best Small Hotels for a Spring Getaway

Best Small Hotels for a Spring Getaway

Spring has arrived here in Portugal, making it the perfect time for a getaway. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom and the beaches and cities are yours for exploring.

Check out our suggestions on where to stay (and what to do!) for a Spring getaway in Portugal.
Solar Egas Moniz
Rising from the banks of the Douro passing through it, Porto is a hilly, historic mix of bridges, Baroque churches and narrow mediaeval alleys. Portugal’s second city comes alive in spring. After the rains of winter, there is a renewal – a freshness and greenness – to the city as cafes and restaurants that line the River Douro fill with locals and visitors alike. A recent article in Vogue described Porto as Europe’s next Hot Spot. For visitors who want to wander outside of the city, the Douro Valley is close by, home to Portugal’s most renowned and picturesque vineyards.

And where better to explore the architectural, gastronomic and design delights of Porto than from the nearby Solar Egas Moniz. Housed in a beautifully restored 120-year old house, the Solar has a wine cellar (perfect for tasting the local Vinho Verde), a library and a swimming pool. The 10 guest rooms offer a choice of themes, popular art or history, and each is decorated with modern amenities while keeping an eye on tradition.
Brown’s Boutique Hotel & Apartments
Once the stomping ground of Romans, Moors and Crusaders, this historic hillside city has culture, cobblestones, cafés, cable cars and castles. There has never been a better time to visit Lisbon. The capital is in the midst of a major renaissance. The classic beauty of Lisbon, evident in the gracious architecture, beautiful parks and […]

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April 12, 2016|

Francesinha, a typical delight from Porto!

There are many typical dishes from Porto and the cuisine from the northern Portugal is one of the most remarkable of the country. And for this reason, Francesinha deserves a special mention! When thinking about sandwiches Francesinha is definitely one of the most popular in Portugal.
Francesinha means “little French girl” or “little frenchie”  and is made with bread, sausage, steak and ham, and filled with melted cheese on top. It has also a very special sauce, the secret of the dish,  made out of tomato and beer. If you are not very keen on sauces, you can always ask it aside.
The sandwich was inspired in the “croque-monsieur” toast and the the responsible for its creation was Daniel David Silva. He was an immigrant from France and when he came back to Portugal he started to cook this delight on  “A Regaleira” restaurant in 1950. It was said that he wanted to create something to remember the French girls and voilá, he created Francesinha.
Nowadays there are many variations of this sandwich including vegetarian ones , usually served with french fries. This sandwich it’s not a light one, so we advise you to have one for lunch while you still have time to walk and burn all the calories in the charming city of Porto. There are many restaurants serving Francesinhas and as real fans of this sandwich, we have shortlisted our favourite restaurants serving Francesinhas in Porto:
– Santiago Café
– Cufra
– Capa Negra
– Lado B café
Need  a hotel in Porto for your trip? We have also shortlisted a very special one facing the Douro River, 1872 River House

April 7, 2015|

Top 5 typical Dishes you can’t avoid upon a visit to Portugal

The Portuguese gastronomy is based on Mediterranean cuisine, where the olive oil, the wine and the bread make the three main diet ingredients.
If we could define the Portuguese diet into three words it would be: healthy, varied, and delicious!
The food is one of the subject’s highlighted by tourists on their visits to Portugal. We have selected the top five main dishes you can’t avoid upon your next trip to Portugal.

Bacalhau à Brás: it is one of the most typical cod dishes in Portugal, and of the most delicious one. It is a mix of scrambled eggs shredded cod and fried strips of fried potatoes seasoned with parsley and decorated with black olives. It is a great plate for a lunch, the perfect side dish is a green salad, and a white wine would make this meal just perfect. Tempted? Just find out the recipe at our blog post.

Cozido à Portuguesa: as the name suggest it is a very Portuguese dish. It is a mixture of boiled meats, regional sausages and cold meats and a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, carrots and others. It’s the typical cold meats such as “morcela” (blood chorizo) and chorizo that give this healthy dish a special taste. It is an ideal plate for the winter season as it is a very heavy one and a red wine would be the perfect match to enjoy tis goodness plate.

Feijoada: it’s a typical dish original from the northern part of Portugal and due to its nutritive quality, and the low coast of its ingredients, it has become a very popular not only in Portugal but also in Brazil, which considers it one of its national dishes (however it has some […]

March 10, 2015|