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Massage in Herdade da Matinha.









After a day of activities, hiking, biking or even after doing absolutely nothing, a massage in a lush, green surrounding in the heart of Serra do Cercal is an irresistible invitation.

August 1, 2014|


Yoga Meditation.

Yoga Meditation in Herdade da Matinha.
In the heart of Serra do Cercal, stands Herdade da Matinha. There is nothing better than enjoying a sunrise or a sunset and combining them with a Yoga class or retreat. Experience the tranquillity and enjoy the peace and quiet. On cooler days, there is also an indoor yoga room with lovely views.

August 1, 2014|

Surfing, Bodyboarding and other Water Sports

Bodyboarding and Surfing.

For sea lovers, Herdade da Matinha has the perfect location. The admirable Malhão and Aivados beaches are just 10 kilometres away and they have waves perfect for water sports. Not a fan yet? We can help you find the best local teachers and schools.

August 1, 2014|