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Nature Reserve of Serra da Malcata

Serra da Malcata.

In this delightful mountain range, very close to the border with Spain, you will find a high diversity of flora and fauna. It is home to the Nature Reserve with the same name, whose goal was the conservation of the Iberian lynx, a critically endangered species at high risk of extinction. Go hiking or grab your bike and cover the trails and tracks of this charming mountain of Portugal.

August 1, 2014|

Sessions of Reiki and Reflexology


Moinho do Maneio for Reiki and Reflexology.
The surroundings, the house, the amenities and the comfort are ideal for reinvigorating energies. Reiki and Reflexology sessions can be organised and, together with these surroundings, this will surely allow you to achieve spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Let yourself be carried away and go back home with your batteries recharged!

August 1, 2014|

Horseback Riding


Moinho do Maneio Equestrianism.
In intense, lush, green surroundings with Serra da Malcata in the background, horseback riding with your partner, with the family or alone is always an enticing invitation. Especially on a sunny morning or under a colourful sunset. The choice is yours, we have plenty of time.

August 1, 2014|