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Monte da Fornalha in Vila Viçosa

Vila Vicosa.

Town of Vila Vicosa.
The delightful Vila Viçosa is also just a few kilometres away. Known as the “Marble Capital” of Portugal. You must take advantage of the occasion and delight in the diversity of marble items. Take a tour of the museum and learn about the importance of this industry in the region._

August 1, 2014|

Monte da Fornalha – Borba


Peaceful Borba, known for the quality of its wines, is just 2 kilometres away, so you will have no excuse for leaving without going there and buying a bottle of that refined nectar of the region. If you are a gastronomy lover, take advantage of this opportunity and buy a mild olive oil from century-old olive trees.
Photo: John Copland. _ _

August 1, 2014|

Monte da Fornalha in Estremoz


The Beautiful city of Estremoz.
The estate is located a few kilometres away from Estremoz, a small town known for its white marble deposits and having an important historical legacy from medieval times, with castles, churches, chapels and pillories that will enchant you and take you back to olden times. _ _ _ _

August 1, 2014|