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Doing some Nature Walks around Portugal is like discovering a country through its essence. Whether your preference is for scenery, beaches, mountains or plains, we have a lot to offer.
From the terraced vineyards and the green sceneries of the North of Portugal and the Douro. To the panoramic sea view, along Costa Vicentina or Algarve. If you like history, choose the medieval villages and enchanted castles in the Alentejo. Since a route is made by travelling it, we have walked every step of the routes and have chosen every one we are proposing in detail. The proposal is made: put on your walking shoes and come enjoy an authentic Portugal.
We have designed the most genuine programs of varying duration for you. With the best tips from the locals and of course with the most charming Portuguese houses.

The charming Douro Valley:
Douro’s beauty is the result of the perfect harmony between the natural surroundings and men influence.
We invite you to let yourself fall in love with the surroundings. And also with the epical stories, the legends and, of course, with the authenticity of the region. Finding Douro it’s discovering the history of a region with thousands of years of stories to tell.
Our program includes a self-guided, medium difficulty level hike with a duration of 8 days.

Photo: Douro

Historical Villages:
The center of Portugal is synonym for small and typical villages fulfilled with uniqueness.
In this tour you’ll discover Portugal’s most authentic places. Filled with charm and charisma that in perfect harmony with the surrounding region, provide you with the warmest of welcomes.
This program includes a self-guided, medium difficulty level hike with a duration of 5 days.

Photo: Historical Villages

Sintra Day Tour:
Sintra is a magical village and a Unesco […]