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Olive Oil Route

Olive oil is the basis of typical Portuguese cuisine and one of the indispensable materials on any table.

Olive Oil
In Portugal you will find prestigious producers which you can see the entire manufacturing process. In its different variants and the numerous ways it is used. We suggest Esporão in Monsaraz where you can visit after a good night’s sleep in Monte Saraz, located in the same town. If you are further north, pay a visit to Oliva &Co in Porto, a shop exclusively dedicated to this delicacy.

August 1, 2014|

Yoga and Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats.

Herdade da Marinha and its Spiritual Retreats.
The unspoilt places, natural landscapes and the peace and tranquillity of this little corner in the south of Europe, provide the special requirements for Yoga, Pilates and spiritual guidance. Our rural environment hotels, away from all the hustle and bustle, are the ideal place to find the peace and quiet you’re looking for. We organise programs with multiple units, or only one, whichever you prefer. An ideal bed & breakfast Herdade da Matinha.

August 1, 2014|

Surf in Portugal


The choppy waters of the Atlantic are a delight for water sports like Surf, Bodyboard, Windsurf and Kitesurf. But nothing beats surf in Portugal.

Surf in Portugal
The approximately 900-km Portuguese coast has beaches animated by the choppy waters of the Atlantic. They are a delight for water sports like Surf, Bodyboard, Windsurf and Kitesurf. If you still haven’t done water sports but want to try it out. There are several schools from north to south to help learn how to surf in Portugal.
The beach options are numerous:

in Porto, choose Canidelo beach
in the Alentejo Coast choose Malhão beach (Herdade da Matinha)
Odeceixe (Casa do Moinho)
Carrapateira  (Casa Fajara)
or take a trip to Sagres, the westernmost point on mainland Europe.

August 1, 2014|