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What to eat when exploring Portugal by Bicycle

Photo: Nelson Carvalheiro
When exploring Portugal by Bicycle, the adventure will never be enough if you will not get a taste of the prided food and wine that only Portugal has to offer.
For the past few years, the capital city of Lisbon has been serious in trying to reinvent the classic cuisine of the country by adding a touch of a new and more refined flair. While there are still a lot of tabernas and tascas that serve the classics, there are now more high end and gourmet style versions that are opening in vast numbers all over downtown as well as other more affluent areas. Aside from these, there are also wine-bars that are now flourishing in different parts of the city. The gourmet stores are also growing like mushrooms in downtown Lisbon that reignites the tradition of the Portuguese canned fish, preserved fruits and sweet jams. Recently, the ethnic restaurants from the previous colonies have also become more famous, specifically African, Goan and Brazilian cuisines.
With the rivers on the north, Atlantic to the west and the mountains bordering the eastern side, Porto is a spectacular place that you should never miss out when you tour Portugal on bicycle. Porto has its own set of signature dishes while still serving the traditional cuisine of northern regions. It has also been perfectly located right at the center of the wine country and from there, you can take off your day trip or even a longer excursion to the wine regions of Douro, the Dão and Vinho Verde. Here, you can participate in the guided wine tastings, check how the local wineries work and see the grapes that are grown and harvested from the vines in […]

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September 24, 2015|

Best homemade food experiences in Portugal

Here we list out best food the experiences in Portugal available via We Love Small Hotels.
Despite its Atlantic predominance, Portuguese cuisine has influences from all over the world. The influence of Portugal’s former colonial possessions are notable, especially in the variety of spices used. Portugal does not only have exceptional sceneries, but it also has delicious recipes that will make you want to try everything. If you love to cook traditional dishes with a mix of flavors, combining it to tasty and healthy meals… You came to the right place! From the fresh grilled fish from the Algarve to the famous Pastel de Nata as dessert, we promise you’ll never leave with an empty stomach.
Share stories over lunch or dinner with this homemade food experiences in Portugal. The world of food is yours to discover, let’s cook it up!

Quinta do Chocalhinho
Quinta do Chocalhinho offers many Portuguese specialties, homemade products and also has a room (Oven Room) where you can make traditional food workshops.

Photo: Quinta do Chocalhinho

Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado is distinguished by its unique cuisine. A traditional and genuine proposal with touches of modernity. Would you like to learn the basic techniques for cooking traditional Douro food? The Quinta offers workshops teaching the secrets of the culinary art of this region.

Photo: Quinta do Vallado

Solar Egas Moniz
The Solar Egas Moniz offers a very cozy ambient, full of traditional food and fresh vegetables from their gardens. Besides some workshops on vegetable agriculture they also offer workshops on vegetarian food, composting, home-made bread and jams.

Photo: Solar Egas Moniz

Hungry for more?
You can search for more fulfilling food experiences in Portugal here!

August 20, 2015|