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Best running routes in Lisbon

Photo: Davide-Gabino
Running has been gaining more and more supporters over the past years, and in cosmopolitan Lisbon, there are so many options…you can both run along busy streets of the city, as well as along natural and fresh air locations. Lisbon council has shown concern in finding suitable spaces and focused on the well-being of people.
Whether for a race between friends, or to relax, we will show you how you can run at the same time as getting to know the enchanted pearls of this city.
The Monsanto forest park is called the “green lung” of Lisbon. With a very large area, it has many trails and paths and it offers many facilities like a parking, washroom and the possibility of running at any time. If you want something more central, you can run in this park, right next to one of the most known and emblematic squares, the Marquis of Pombal, located at the Eduardo VII Park. It is certainly a place that deserves to be discovered, the willingness to have a difficult slope at the route, which makes it more challenging. You can end in the Avenida da Liberdade, which is the most exquisite avenue in Lisbon. How ironic can be? 😉
A beautiful area to run is the waterfront of Belém. It offers a unique view for two very important monuments in the history of Portugal, as the Monument of Discoveries and the Belém Tower. Here the tour is flat, but very attractive and fresh and has several resting points.
Finally, you can finish at the area of the former Expo 98, a very trendy area, built recently and with a highly visited architecture. It has many leisure facilities, but the running path by the […]

March 2, 2015|

A Walking Route in Algarve – Via Algarviana

If your idea of a good day out is walking you’ve come to the right place. We present you a walking route in Algarve!
The Algarve region has been famous for many years, as a sun and beach destination and for its mass tourism non typical offer. However this is the Algarve that most people are looking after to meet. But not everyone is looking after this product and the Algarve is much more than this…. It has mountains, small authentic villages and is full of customs and traditions very typical from this southern region.
The project Via Algarviana is the result of the exchange of ideas and joint efforts between the Almargem Association and the Algarve Walkers, with main point of implementing a pedestrian route between the Lower Guadiana and Cape of S. Vincente, crossing the interior of Algarve. This seeks to be a kind of dorsal-spine of hiking, to complement the offer according with tastes and capabilities of Walkers.
Since few years the Algarve has inaugurated “Via Algarviana”, a 300km walking route in Algarve that goes from S. Vicente Cape in Sagres, western area until Alcotim in the opposite side of the region. The walks are mainly through the Algarve mountains in the inland area, and its 14 tracks are up to 30km long.
It will be particularly important to encourage the creation or revitalization of leisure, sales of local products, small areas of camping, restaurants and conventional housing.
So while indulging a vacation in Algarve why not selecting some of these tracks and indulge the natural inland beauty of this region?
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Photo: algarve-entdecker.com 

February 17, 2015|

Benefits to hike with your kids

Children have the most to gain from all the great benefits that hiking offers. By introducing your kids to hiking, you’re helping them take steps, literally and figuratively, in the right direction. We present you some benefits to hike with your kids!

With so much high technology and media, our children have no longer time to play, breath fresh air, explore nature and spend time with their family. Just as healthy food, exercise is very important for our body and mind. Is also one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving mental health. If we gleefully teach the kids how to include healthy exercise from the early stages of their development, we will be giving them a gift that will endure throughout their lives. With the sunny days that Portugal has accustomed us, hiking is a fantastic option to motivate children’s to practice exercise, spend quality time with family and a great way to introduce children’s to the wonders of nature.
We have a huge selection of tours that can include children’s, for example: a Sintra Day Tour that tell us enchanted stories, a Wild Southwest Coast where you can see our beautiful beaches and our Historical Village with so much to discover between handcraft or gastronomy. This type of activity will delight kids, because in addition to stroll, they have the opportunity to experience nature walks, fulfilled with history and cultural scenes or landscapes and a huge variety of animals and simple nature. Besides, this walks are a great way to transmit knowledge to the kids. There are always new plant species to know, monuments to identify, rivers to learn.
Hiking with the family strengthens the parent-child relationship, as well as increases the self-esteem of children […]

February 5, 2015|