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The best beaches nearby Porto!

Portugal is a country settled by the sea and according to this privileged location, there are loads of beaches for all tastes and preferences…the sea temperature in the north of Portugal is a little lower than in the south of the country (Algarve is the region with the warmest sea temperatures due to the sea currents of the Mediterranean sea). But the north also hosts some of the best beaches of the country!

Within Porto area, there are three beaches that we highlight:

Matosinhos Beach: it is about 8 km from Porto city centre and this beach has a really large white sandy area, perfect for people that cannot stay a long time on their towels as they can walk along deserted beaches together with the sea breeze. Around the beach there are numerous cafes and snack bars to enjoy when you get hungry during the day. Also it is a perfect spot for surf with several surf schools along the coast. You can reach Matosinhos beach by taking the metro’s blue line, so it is a parking hassle free one!


Foz Beach: located in one of the most sophisticated areas of Porto with many seafood restaurants and some of them considered to be the best of the city, Foz beach is always a great beach option within Porto area. Its long white sandy area make it perfect for sport practice or just to chill out. If you are traveling with kids and a full day at the beach is just too long, you can always visit Sea Life Aquarium nearby, with over 5600 sea species.

Photo: JPVargas

Vila do Conde Beach: a little further from Porto, about 30km north, you can find the Vila do Conde beaches. They […]

April 28, 2015|

The Most Romantic Spots of Porto

Over the past years Oporto has been under the international spotlights being considered as the destination to travel to. And it definitely deserves all this recognition.
However, the most appealing highlight is the romantic flair that is felt on this riverside city.
The narrow streets, the Douro river, the 5 bridges, the beautiful viewpoints, the stunning churches…. There are romantic sceneries in every corner of the street. So please do not forget to bring you other half upon a visit to Porto.
As locals and Oporto lovers, we have identified the most romantic spots of the city. Want to surprise you lover? Then do not skip any of these places:
_Pergola da Foz: it is considered as one of the most beautiful verandas over the Douro river, and the sunsets spent here are unforgettable. With a garden on the back, the sky colours melting together with the river and the sea landscape, makes this place one of the dearest for lovers.

Photo: jpvargas
Serra do Pilar: it is a mountain area in Vila Nova de Gaia, with an old monastery which todays host a barrack . It has outstanding views over the old neighbourhood of Oporto and with a superb view over São Luis Bridge.

Photo: Alves Gaspar 

Passeio das Virtudes : An  old alley with outstanding views over the river banks, from here you can also access the park with the same name that nestles in the terraces of the Douro River. An outstanding spot for a romantic flair.

Convinced? Take our accommodation suggestion in Porto : 1872 River House


March 12, 2015|

Top Romantic Villages in Portugal

Portugal is very special, but when it comes to romantic villages, we are very very lucky, because we do have the best ones! Narrow streets and shelters in medieval towns, stunning su nsets in fishing villages, and castles who tell us beautiful stories.

Let’s begin our trip from Obidos, known as a “wedding gift city” because it was offered to Queen Elizabeth by King Dinis as a wedding gift. In fact, it is very romantic, but the village, full of small charms and within the castle walls, is also very beautiful. With great food, the marvelous handicrafts to which this village is dedicated, makes any tour a fairy tale.

Closer to the capital, we can reach Sintra in a chariot and taste the delicious Sintra pastry. There are many sites to visit, from the Villa of Regaleira, to the Park and Palace of Monserrat, the gardens of the Palace of Seteais and the wonderful village of Sintra.

Southward and entitled to the beach and sun, we can find the Costa Vicentina, full of wonders: the magnificent kilometers of beaches, full of charming villages where the food outweighs any city. Fresh fish, good wine and delicious confectionery. Here, we can stop in Vila Nova de Milfontes. With thousands of places to discover where the river and the sea come together, making the evening unforgettable.
Towards to North of Portugal, we can uncover a small village called Provesende that promises enchantment by its uniqueness. Surrounded by numerous vineyards, it is the starting point of the wonderful scenery that the Douro River offers to its visitors.
Grab the hand of your beloved and discover the most wonderful way to spend the Valentine’s time in a getaway dream over the romantic villages in […]

February 6, 2015|