Sweet Wine of Portugal

Portugal has a long tradition when it comes to wines dating from the old civilizations that passed through this country.  We are very proud of our wines and its outstanding quality which according to The Oxford Companion to Wine Portugal is a “treasure of local vine varieties”. Among the numerous native selections that are around 285, today we highlight the sweet wines.  Those without the addition of cane sugar, which sweetness comes from the grape itself and turn any occasion special.

We have distinguished winemakers who focus on presenting the highest sweet wine quality every year. Starting with Port wine, known worldwide, for its, classic and fortified characteristics. Naturally sweet, rich and soft, there are a wide variety of Port Wines. From the intense fruity, Reserve, Tawny complex to majestic Vintages. The Port wine goes very well along with desserts and can be served as a digestive if red or as an aperitif if it is white.

Sweet Wine of Portugal1

Another outstanding sweet wine is the Moscatel de Setúbal. The group of this grape varieties has the particularity to be very sweet and pleasant. The color is gold which turn this goddess drink very elegant. Without doubts it is a flagship wine of our country. With a strong citrus and sweet character, we can find two main varieties: Moscatel de Setúbal, and the Moscatel Roxo that possess a rich aromatic profile and a high degree of sweetness. On this type we can highlight “José Maria da Fonseca” which is a landmark producer and where you can visits its museum and cellars and indulge their most delightful varieties.

To end our trip by the world of sweet wines, we will  travel to Madeira, an island rich in nature, gastronomy and wines. Already very prestigious, Madeira Wine is a very special and charming wine. Their development began with the wealth of the volcanic soil, combined with its mild climate and a variety of grapes brought from various parts of the world. So, the combination of all this features makes this wine unique.

So if you are a wine lover, and this sweet wine article made you mouth-water, take a look at our suggestions for a perfect Food & Wine getaway. Just indulge!