“People who love to eat are always the best people”

If you are a food lover and a gastronomic connoisseur, our Food & Wine tours will fit you like a glove.

We have designed a collection of tours in different destinations in Portugal so that you can experience the authentic and typical roots of the Portuguese gastronomy and combine it with the region you are more keen on travelling to.

Besides the charming, cosy and familiar hotels, our food & wine tours aim to introduce you to the Portuguese cuisine, not only by tasting the most typical dishes, but also having cooking classes (if it is your interest).

The Portuguese gastronomy has many influences, from the romans to the the moors and later on from the maritime explorers, beginning in the early 1400’s where the Portuguese navigators brought to Portugal spices, exotic fruits, plants and new ingredients.

The wine can’t obviously be put aside. Douro for instance is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and this region won the best wine in the world according to the Wine Spectator Magazine of 2014. But other regions deserve your visit like Alentejo or Dão region. Portugal is definitely a country of great producers and wines.

So what are you waiting for to travel along this country full of tastes and flavours?

You didn’t find what you’re looking for in what we have to offer? Contact us because we would ♥ to reduce, increase, modify, change, or do anything else to make the tour compatible with your interests and availability.


  • The influences of the Portuguese gastronomy
  • The strong identity and culture
  • A distinguished wine producer country


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