“Love is not about how much you say  “I love You” but how much you can prove that it`s true…”

Are you planning a trip to Portugal and an added romantic flair would make it just perfect? Then look no further, we have arranged the loveliest tours for you to indulge with your “other half”.

Portugal is a relatively small country and with an outstanding landscape diversity, including mountain, beach, rolling plains etc…and since not all the love stories have the same beginning and plot, we have arranged tours in different areas of Portugal so that you can choose the region you are more in love with.

Our small hotels and their cosy and charming environment are the starting point of the romantic experience. With their expertise in details and service, they turn your stay into a true love story. So our invitation is for you to indulge the very best of Portugal with a romantic added flair.

What we all want in life is to travel, to love and be happy, so come along…

You didn’t find what you’re looking for in what we have to offer? Contact us because we would ♥ to reduce, increase, modify, change, or do anything else to make the tour compatible with your interests and availability.


  • The diversity of the landscapes
  • The charm of a 900 year old country (the oldest in Europe)
  • The small and charming small hotels


  • Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

Romance- A Love Affair in Alentejo

The Alentejo is a mix of emotions and colours with beautiful coastal and inland landscapes. The perfect destination for a romantic getaway in Portugal.
  • Romance- A Love Affair in Douro

Romance- A Love Affair in Douro

The north of Portugal and the Douro have the most romantic views of the country. Indulge the very best of Portugal with and added romantic flair.