There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.

Our offer is essentially a contrast between the sweet temperate and pleasant weather accompanied by plenty of sunshine with the cold water of the salty sea.

We offer waves for beginners and for the more experienced surfers in the best spots of our country. Come learn and live with sport lovers like you. Witness the rigor of the North, in Matosinhos, Porto. Know the spots most competed by surfers in Portugal, Sagres (Algarve) and Peniche (Lisbon), where you will find the surfer spirit – an easy, informal and close relationship. If you prefer a more peaceful place, we suggest Costa Vicentina (Alentejo), a more virgin zone, free of human intervention, which has appropriate waves for any level.

Haven’t you found what you were looking for in what we have to offer? Contact us because we would ♥ to reduce, increase, modify, change, or do anything else to make the tour compatible with your interests and availability:


  • The unspoilt and uncrowded beaches
  • The various spots of excellent quality, short distances away
  • The diverse range of waves – for all levels of surfing


  • Surf the Sagres Wave

Surf the Sagres Wave

Aldeia da Pedralva Village tourism, in Vila do Bispo, invites you to discover the “Other Algarve”. Then surf in Carrapateira, well known for its excellent conditions for surfing
  • Surf and discover Costa Vicentina

Surf and discover Costa Vicentina

Costa Vicentina is an undiscovered paradise, like a diamond in the rough, which man never has possessed. In this tour, we invite you to know one of the most unspoilt areas of the Portuguese coast.
  • Surfing Days in Matosinhos

Surfing Days in Matosinhos

In Portugal, the North is known for its rigor, and the sea is no exception! Onda Pura Surf School will take you to experience the waves of Matosinhos beach, where you can find the famous right tubular.

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