Walking around Portugal is like discovering a country through its essence. Whether your preference is for scenery, beaches, mountains or plains, welovesmallhotels has something for you.

If you like green, we suggest the North of Portugal and the Douro, a charming region due to its abundant vegetation and terraced vineyards. If your walks end in a panoramic sea view, choose a route along Costa Vicentina or in the Algarve. If you’re fascinated by walking around places filled with history, choose the medieval villages and enchanted castles in the Alentejo or the historical villages, places that are filled with the past and with genuine people. Since a route is made by travelling it, we have walked every step of the routes and have chosen every one we are proposing in detail. The proposal is made: put on your walking shoes and come enjoy an authentic Portugal.

We have designed the most authentic and genuine programmes of varying duration for you, with the best tips from the locals and of course with the most charming Portuguese houses, where you will be made welcome and which will make all the difference to your experience.

You didn’t find what you’re looking for in what we have to offer? Contact us because we woul love to ♥ reduce, increase, modify, change, or do anything else to make the tour compatible with your interests and availability. info@welovesmallhotels.com


  • The landscape diversity combined with a variety of habitats
  • The combination between the natural and historical value of the routes
  • The unique and still an unknown feeling, but very welcome in the most inland parts of the country


  • Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Walk- Sintra Day Tour

Sintra is hillside fairy-tale village and a Unesco site just 25km away from Lisbon of an outstanding charm and beauty.
  • Walk- Historical Villages

Walk- Historical Villages

The centre of Portugal is synonym for small and typical villages fulfilled with authenticity and uniqueness.

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