Blog- Top 10 Portugal

Do you still need reasons to visit Portugal? Find about the most inspiring elements to visit this charming country in this Top 10 of Portugal.

1. Mild climate – in the South of Europe, Portugal boasts of having a rather mild climate and relatively little rain. Ours is not a climate of extremes, such as the ones one finds in the Spanish Andalucia or Greek Athens (not to mention African or Asian countries). Our Summers are warm, sometimes quite hot, but never for very long. Our Winters can be rainy but there are days, sometimes weeks, in which the sun shines and the country seems to awake from a deep sleep. Walking by the sea on those days is a privilege not many countries can boast about! Spring brings long, warm days and Autumn is synonymous to melancholic, romantic colours and landscapes.

2. The sunlight – all Portuguese are proud of the country’s sunlight. Lisbon and the South of the country, particularly, have the most amazing Summer light. Once a famous Portuguese musician was asked what was perfection for him. His reply: the golden sunlight over the Tagus river on a Summer afternoon. This definition is hard to beat, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Lisbon’s seven hills – such as Rome, famous for its 7 hills, also Lisbon is proud of its very steep, cobbled-stone streets and perfect views over the immensity of the Tagus. The good thing about a city with hills is that views tend to be spectacular and obviously panoramic (which doesn’t happen in flat cities). The disadvantage is that when you walk you have to go up and down all the time – especially in the ancient part of Lisbon. But that’s also part of its charm, of course.

4. Porto and the road linking Foz to Ribeira – on a warm Summer afternoon, look for Casa de Pasto da Palmeira (Rua do Passeio Alegre), in the Foz borough, and enjoy its signature tasting menus. We love their food and the relaxed atmosphere. When it starts to get dark, simply walk along the river towards Porto and the Ribeira area (4-5 km). You will fall in love with the views and the lights on the dark hills and buildings. Porto will be looking like an enchanting Christmas crib! While in Porto, do not miss the São Francisco Church and its amazing walls and ceiling. They’re a wonder to look at.

5. If you visit Portugal in May, June, September and even October, you will have 800 km of coastline for yourself. So, weather permitting (we cannot guarantee it, especially in May and October), you may be lying on an almost private sandy beach!. We Love Small Hotels includes various lovely guesthouses in the Alentejo coast, check them out!

6. A great way to get acquainted with Portugal’s countryside is to either hike or cycle. The country is now prepared for both activities. We Love Small Hotels has designed various scenic trails which include some of the best Portuguese hidden treasures – the interior of the Alentejo, the medieval schist villages, the Douro vineyards and the coast’s cliffs. Trust us, you will never find masses of tourists here!

7. If you are of the gourmet type, Portugal is the right country to visit. Apart from the world famous Pasteis de Nata, which you will find almost everywhere, you will be amazed at the quantity of codfish recipes, delicious “caldeiradas” (a kind of stew with many fishes), feijoadas (a kind of stew with beans and meats), “cozido à portuguesa” (boiled meat and vegetables cooked at the same time), fresh grilled fish, delicious tuna steaks, spectacular sweets… the difficult thing is to not put on weight!

8. If you like warm people, Portugal will be perfect for you. We boast of speaking the language of our visitors … and this is not very far from the truth. Nearly all Portuguese speak a little French, English and/or Spanish. And when we do not, we go to highly elaborate efforts to try to make ourselves understood. We are helpful, warm, generous, and just love it when foreigners like our country!

9. We Love Small Hotels guesthouse collection is one of the best ways to know a different, non-touristic Portugal. Not only because you will be staying at comfortable, charming, genuine b&b’s, but also because you will be in direct contact with the properties’ owners, who will tell you all about the best local highlights!

10. If, apart from varied countryside and beaches, you like culture, book your flight to Portugal straight away. With stable frontiers since the 13th century, Portugal is loaded with monuments, churches, castles, medieval walls, manor houses, beautiful gardens since prehistoric times…

We are sure you have no more  doubts about your willing to visit Portugal!

Join us and discover an authentic Portugal!