Portuguese Summer Snacks are what we love the most about summer. Summer brings along some typical delicatessen that make every Portuguese to cry for more. As good eaters, we have in every season some dedicated snack and dishes and the summer is no exception!

If you are travelling to Portugal this summer, either to the north, Lisbon, Alentejo or even Algarve these are 3 typical summer food habits you should not miss. “In Rome do as Romans”:

Here are our favourite Top 3 Portuguese Summer Snacks

Beer and lupins :

Beer and lupin, typical portuguese

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It can be a Sagres or a Superbock, also it can be a 20 or a 33 cl , but the most important is that they are served ice cold and together with the best escort ever, salty lupins! This combination together with an afternoon friends gathering, make the day to any Portuguese.


Blog- The portuguese tradition of eating snails

It might not look the most appealing dish but to any Portuguese it is a Gods delight. Cooked with oregano, laurel, garlic, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper and a little spice called piri-piri, equivalent to chilli pepper, the snails are eaten everywhere in Portugal during summer. After an intense beach day this dish becomes the cherry on the top of the cake! Give it a try!

Bolas de Berlin “Berlin Balls”:

Berliner Balls Typical Portuguese

These are a must on every beach day. It is a type of doughnut without the whole that can be served either simple or with an egg filling.  These are extremely popular in Portuguese beaches during summer, they are sold by men who walk around the beaches and carry them on a special basket., You can hear that they are coming either by their whistle or by their special chants. Sometimes these sellers become so popular in certain beaches that they are even considered as the beach “icons” .

These snacks are pure rituals in Portugal during summer time, so if you will be visiting the country, please do not escape any of the steps!