The Portuguese gastronomy is based on Mediterranean cuisine, where the olive oil, the wine and the bread make the three main diet ingredients.

If we could define the Portuguese diet into three words it would be: healthy, varied, and delicious!

The food is one of the subject’s highlighted by tourists on their visits to Portugal. We have selected the top five main dishes you can’t avoid upon your next trip to Portugal.

Recipe of Bacalhgau à Bras Typical portuguese dish

Bacalhau à Brás: it is one of the most typical cod dishes in Portugal, and of the most delicious one. It is a mix of scrambled eggs shredded cod and fried strips of fried potatoes seasoned with parsley and decorated with black olives. It is a great plate for a lunch, the perfect side dish is a green salad, and a white wine would make this meal just perfect. Tempted? Just find out the recipe at our blog post.


Cozido à Portuguesa: as the name suggest it is a very Portuguese dish. It is a mixture of boiled meats, regional sausages and cold meats and a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, carrots and others. It’s the typical cold meats such as “morcela” (blood chorizo) and chorizo that give this healthy dish a special taste. It is an ideal plate for the winter season as it is a very heavy one and a red wine would be the perfect match to enjoy tis goodness plate.


Feijoada: it’s a typical dish original from the northern part of Portugal and due to its nutritive quality, and the low coast of its ingredients, it has become a very popular not only in Portugal but also in Brazil, which considers it one of its national dishes (however it has some slight variations from the Portuguese original recipe). It a black bean stew with a mixture of meats, cold and fresh and cabbage. It is a heavy dish so it is more advisable to be eaten at lunch time and a red wine from Dao or Douro region are the best to escort this dish.


Polvo à lagareiro: It is a very smooth octopus oven dish served with small baked potatoes and drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with coriander and garlic. The lagareiro style can be adapted to other fish dishes such as cuttlefish, codfish, salmon etc… With this dish either a white or a red wine would match, and since it is a light dish it can be either served at lunch or dinner time.

Açorda de Marisco: is a Portuguese Shellfish Bread Stew, the appearance might not look the nicest but we can ensure that the flavour is divine. It is cooked with bread seasoned with the boiled water of the seafood and then is added an eggs and lots of corianders. This dish can be made with different seafood or for instance just with one type, for example shrimps which is the most typical one. The white wine would be just the perfect drink for this delightful dish.
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